Haiti’s participation in the 2nd Interregional Forum in Russia

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Haiti - Politics : Haiti's participation in the 2nd Interregional Forum in Russia

Me Aviol Fleurant, Minister of Planning and External Cooperation, participated in the 2nd Interregional Forum on the themes related to economic and industrial development held in St. Petersburg, Russia, from 28 May to 3 June 2017, his participation on behalf of the Government of Haiti was greatly appreciated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking on 31 May on the theme of “Innovative decisions in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean”, Minister Fleurant, after having adressed his thanks, on behalf of President of the Republic, Jovenel Moïse, and of the Government, congratulated the organizers for the high level of the event and on the opportunities it offers to developing countries on industrial, technological, scientific, technical and commercial sites. In this regard, the Minister asserted, UNIDO recognizes that the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have influenced and still positively influence the cyber revolution on a global scale.

Speaking of Haiti, the minister evoked a stable political situation, the formation of a government that has benefited from the confidence of the Parliament, the adoption of political decisions that are in line with the reform of the State and the consolidation of public finances. The whole, constituting a political framework favorable to economic growth and foreign investment. He boasted the wealth of Haiti which has 1771 kilometers of coastline, which is the source of the expansion of the blue economy and which houses the biggest seaside resort (Labadee) and the largest Caribbean industrial park (Caracol); which produces the best coffee, cocoa, mango and vetiver oil of the region, even the world.

Minister Aviol Fleurant, however, stressing the insignificant influence that such potentials have on the national economy, evoked the need for uncoordinated cooperation around the assistance but around investment. He highlighted the priorities of the Moïse-Lafontant Political Administration which are “Agro-industry, agroforestry, tourism industry, maritime industry including fishing, aquaculture, fishing villages, etc…” These policies can only be implemented in the context of a “win-win” cooperation where the country will see its industrial infrastructure renovated, its maritime infrastructure encamped, its industrial parks modernized and its tourism industry attractive. Minister Fleurant concluded thatfor Haiti emerge by 2030, it needs to see large capital flows injected into its economy according to the logic of long-term loans. It is the mandate of whichhe is the bearer and which expresses the reason for his presence in St Petersburg. It is in this same line that Haiti opens its doors to the companies of the world and the Investment Banks, especially those of Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Due to the quality of his speech, Minister Fleurant was designated to address local television on behalf of all participating countries. He was also invited to join on Friday, 2 June 2017, to a high-level panel consisting of the Prime Minister of Dominica, the ministers of Cuba, Venezuela, representatives of the Russian Federation and the Government of St Petersburg.

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