Haiti’s much-delayed ice show is postponed-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Triuth

The Associated Press

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haiti’s on-again, off-again ice-skating show has been postponed again.

Organizer Francois Yrius said that half of the show’s dozen performers missed their flights to the Caribbean nation for the show that was supposed to start Friday. He says the performers are now due to arrive on Saturday, and the show should begin on Sunday.

The four-day “Haiti on Ice” show aims to bring together several international figure skaters, including Russian-born figure skater Elena Glebova and the French pair skater Yannick Bonheur.

But the performances have been postponed more than a dozen times since they were first planned for November. Young Haitians began using the ice rink this week to learn how to skate.

The delays have been blamed on problems including melting ice and a hurricane that brushed Haiti.


This is a case of ingenuity overcoming common sense.

Who wants to see a skating show in Haiti?

How will they draw enough people to pay the bottom line expenses. Reports put the generator costs – just to keep the ice frozen – at $1600.ooUS per hour. Multiply that by 24 and you have $38,400.00 and by five you get   $192,000.00,

It would take 3,840 people at $50 US just to pay generator costs.

Someone must control the Minister of Tourism.

Seems as though the government will be saddled with the bills from this disaster.

We could pay for a lot of school supplies with the money wasted.


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