Haitians risk cholera infection during annual carnival

Haitians face increased risk of cholera transmission during the upcoming carnival season, unless stringent hygiene measures are put in place, according to the World Health Organizations.

Officials from WHO say there is a high risk of consuming contaminated food and water during carnival season, which could lead to an upsurge in the number of cholera cases.

WHO says access to sanitation facilities and clean water will be vital during the carnival period to minimize the chances of cholera transmission.

Fadella Chaib is spokesperson for WHO in Geneva.

“There is a carnival season starting very soon in Haiti and WHO is working with the health authorities to distribute leaflets and health messages. Not because there is a risk of human to human contamination but ingestion of contaminated food and water can lead to more cases of cholera, but we will continue to work with the Haitian authorities to get cholera fatality rate under one per cent.”

Over 231,000 cholera cases have been reported in Haiti with a death toll of 4,549.


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