Haitian President Michel Martelly says he is determined to bring back disbanded military-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

By Associated Press, Updated: Thursday, October 13, 6:55 PM
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haitian President Michel Martelly says he’s determined to move forward with a controversial plan to bring back the army to the Caribbean nation.
The leader says he will rebuild the force even if he doesn’t have the support of others. Martelly says the army will be a modern force that doesn’t hatch coups, but instead responds to natural disasters and guards the border and seas.
The government’s plans to restore the military came to light two weeks ago after The Associated Press obtained a document that outlined the force’s objectives.
The plan comes with controversy because the military was once used as a tool for abuse and coups before it was disbanded in 1995.
Martelly made the remarks to reporters Thursday.


More bullshit from Trenton Daniel, boy reporter who makes it sound like his discovery of a government plan broke the story. The Forces Armees d’Haiti’s revival was part of Martelly’s political platform. He has never made a secret of it and has had a committee working on this for months. Details have been available to anyone who is interested.


If Daniel has details, why doesn’t he write a story about the plan.? How many generals? How many colonels? How many men in the first revival? What are the real goals of the revived military?


Anyone interested in the real and full details will find them on Haitian-Truth.org – in total!


The majority of Haitians value the FAdH and look forward to Martelly’s promised revival.


The military has always been respected, except for the few who gain an advantage from having a lawless society, or sell foreign newspapers with lies about Haitian institutions.


AP was a close associate of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and still avoids commenting upon the hundreds of people murdered – politically – during his time in office. AP avoids directing attention to Aristide’s involvement in the cocaine business. AP avoids drawing attention to Aristide theft of over $1,000,000,000 from Haiti.


Bias is just a part of the media and AP has always been biased against the well-being of Haitians.


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2 thoughts on “Haitian President Michel Martelly says he is determined to bring back disbanded military-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. President Martelly I am overjoyed to read of your intent to restore your military. Your first act should be to throw all UN forces out of country, along with every corrupt politican from foreign countries, mainly America.The men of past have only helped destroy this nation, and have allowed wicked evil men to come in and rape and stuff their pockets with the trophies that belong to Haiti. I fully understand how lack of accurate information never reaches the populace. You must do your best to get the information out to all. Deal with the traitors, and back biters, liars, in a way the remaining men will understand. President Martelly there are men that you can reach out to, not the 2 past so called leaders. You have taken on a difficult task, but if you keep your hands clean (no blood), and a kind heart, and a love of your people you will make it.Be careful who you put your trust in. Stay away from Clinton and that group.Raise up leaders amongst your own.Visit some of the Chritian schools, and other facilities. Perhaps you will find wisdom amongst Gods people.

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