Haitian-American Shows Billionaires Luxurious Travel

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Airbus interior designed by Edese Doret

NEW YORK, USA (defend.ht) – Edése Doret was born in Haiti and raised in the Bronx. At the age of 30 he opened his own specialty interior design business that made him the first person to ever design a private interior for an Airbus A380, and the chosen designer for billionaires and dignitaries all over the world.


Photos of Edese Doret work.


CNBC On The Money

Private Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner ‘Living Wall’ designed by Edése Doret

09.19.2012: Edese Doret’s Lecture at Lawrence Tech University

The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger airliner in existence. It has two levels and enough room for 600 passengers. Edése Doret has been given credit for being the pioneer of luxury travel, changing the way the wealthy traverse the world whether by airplane in Airbuses or by water in yachts and cruise-liners.

His clients include rich Angolan and middle eastern oil firms, the Kuwaiti airforce, celebrities and many heads of states. “All of my private customers are billionaires,” Doret said in an interview with Uptown Magazine.

“It’s almost a hip-hop way of designing,” he also told the magazine talking about his non-traditional approach. Instead of carpet, he prefers to use wood or marble floors, he favors freestanding structures such as entertainment centers to break up the interior space instead of walls. Doret is one of the only African-American independent aircraft designers in the world.

Doret’s firm, Edése Doret Industrial Design, is based in New York. His company and work has been featured on CNBC, CNN Mondey, Forbes and many other publications. The company site reads:

Our process has been our clients’ unfair advantage… at Edése Doret Industrial Design our creative process draws on experience, design research and unique mix of talent and managerial expertise to create interiors that stimulate the senses, engineer products that people love, graphics that mean something and environments where people want to be. With an interdisciplinary team of designers, strategists, and environmental artist, Edése Doret delivers connected experiences that span multiple technologies, platforms, and media.

The site says the company was founding in 1991, this would be when Doret was 23.


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  1. Great story. Doret is blazing the way in a highly lucrative niche market. So often, stories about Haitians center around poverty, misery, crime, death and destruction. It’s refreshing to read an article chronicling the successes of a young Haitian entrepreneur.

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