Haiti, United States Talk Agriculture-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti, United States Talk AgricultureAbove: Haiti Agriculture Minister Thomas Jacques and US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack (Photo: USDA)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

United States Agriculture Secretary met Monday with Haiti Agriculture Minister Thomas Jacques for talks in Washington.

The talks included food security, trade and a presentation on a project by the US Department of Agriculture to improve market information systems in Haiti, according to a government release.

Jacques is currently on a week-long trip to the United States for meetings with US agencies, joined by officials from Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Brazil is currently working on a project to provide support for cotton farmers in Haiti as part of an agreement with the United Nations.

Haiti’s agriculture sector was hit hard by a pair of hurricanes in the summer of 2012, which reportedly destroyed 70 percent of the country’s crops.



Why don’t we concentrate on food production?

In 1986, and before, Haiti was an exporter of rice and produced food for its needs.

Now we import everything, including $1,000,000,000 in rice.

Why produce cotton for someone else.


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