Haiti, United Nations Hold Talks on Planned Legislative Elections

Above: Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe (Photo: OPM Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe met Monday with UN Acting Special Representative Nigel Fisher and UNDP senior director Sophie De Caen to discuss the logistics of holding the country’s planned legislative elections.

After months of political disagreements, long-delayed elections finally received the go-ahead following the formation of the transitional college of the Permanent Electoral Council in early April.

In a statement, Lamothe said he “intends to work with all partners involved in the process” to help organize the next round of elections, which will include senate and municipal offices.

The meeting with Fisher and De Caen also discussed ways to strengthen the institutional capacity of the transitional college, which the government said was facing “enormous structural and financial problems.”

The group said it agreed to “make every effort to allow the CTCEP to complete all the steps necessary for the holding of fair elections in the country.”

Lamothe called the meeting “very positive.”

The date for elections has not yet been announced. In an interview with Caribbean Journal in April, Lamothe said that decision would be made by the transitional college itself.


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1 thought on “Haiti, United Nations Hold Talks on Planned Legislative Elections

  1. The meeting saw Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe press for elections while Nigel Fisher did his best to block the concept, as did others at this meeting.

    With elections delayed, you will see a replay of Preval in 1999 as Parliament expired.

    We will see Government by Decree.

    Elections will become an ongoing delay as time, and more time passes.

    We will have a Constitutionally mandated dictatorship.

    I am not saying that is a bad thing but we must recognise the path chosen by MINUSTAH through its representative, the ineffective Canadian Nigel Fisher.

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