Haiti to vaccinate 200,000 against cholera

Jamaica Observer:

PORT-OF-PRINCE, Haiti (CMC) – Haiti is set to vaccinate 200,000 people against cholera starting in August, with support from the Pan American Health Organization(PAHO)/World Health Organization.

The campaign will be carried out in three areas chosen by Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population because they are considered high-risk zones.

“Vaccination is an important complementary measure in the fight against cholera,” said PAHO Assistant Director Francisco Becerra.

“But the long-term objective is to eliminate cholera, which will require sustained improvements in access to water and sanitation for the population.”

PAHO’s representative in Haiti, Jean-Luc Poncelet, said the vaccination is one of a series of measures implemented by Haitian health authorities with support from PAHO and other international partners.

Other key measures include timely treatment for people sickened by the disease, improved access to potable water and adequate sanitation, the promotion of community participation and strengthened epidemiological surveillance.

PAHO will oversee the storage and distribution of the vaccines as well as training, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the vaccination campaign.

Although Haiti’s cholera epidemic has slowed considerably, over 6,000 cases and 51 deaths were reported between January and July 6.


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