Haiti to recount disputed presidential vote-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Friday 10 December 2010

Haiti election officials announced on Thursday that they will conduct a recount of votes from the November 28 elections in a bid to end protests over alleged rigging in favour of candidate Jude Celestin.

“We are going to create a joint commission to do a recount, which will include the three presidential candidates with the most votes, national and international observers, as well as representatives of the international community,” the Provisional Electoral Council said.

Violence has claimed four people and left many injured since the electoral council announced on Tuesday that popular candidate Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly came third behind Mirlande Manigat and government-backed candidate Celestin.

Ms Manigat failed to garner an outright majority and a second round has been scheduled for January 16.

Mr Martelly has alleged “massive fraud” in the vote, which took place amid a cholera epidemic that has claimed over 2,000 people in seven weeks.


Everyone is missing a basic point.

The entire ballot on November 28th was fraudulent so counting whatever ballots that now exist is simply counting fraudulent pieces of paper.

The election must be canceled and re-run.

Manigat, Celestin and Martelly were not the top runners. This perception was created by a series of false polls, run by a Preval associate in an effort to eliminate real threats to his power base.

Jean-Henry Ceant and Charles Baker were and are the real front-runners but are left out of the game. This means, no matter what, Preval wins again and the Haitian people lose – again.


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