Haiti – Technology : Inauguration of a solar power plant in Tabarre

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Haiti - Technology : Inauguration of a solar power plant in Tabarre

Friday in Tabarre, as part of the cooperation with Germany, was held the inauguration of the Solar Smart Grid, the largest solar power plant in Haiti with a capacity of 473 kilowatts installed by the German organization Biohaus-Stiftung.

This solar power plant currently produces more than 400 kilowatts and supplies electricity, among other of hospitals and schools, a therapeutic rehabilitation center and a production center. Its installation follows the pilot installation in 2013 of a photovoltaic unit producing 85 Kw of electricity to meet the energy needs of the Damien hospital.

Manfred Auster, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Haiti, recalled that in 2011 Biohaus-Stiftung and NPH deutschland in Germany, two partners of the Tabarre Power Station, had engaged with the pilot project in 2013, to developing solar power in Haiti.

Note that the mission of Biohaus-Stiftung since 2010 is to make the Earth a fairer place and to ensure that the world’s resources remain intact and available for future generations what it has put into practice in its projects in Haiti and in Nicaragua.

Renewables are taking off in Haiti, although no specific figure makes it possible to know the extent. Solar energy is found everywhere in agriculture (irrigation, conservation of agricultural products…) in hotels, hospitals, schools, trade (frozen meat conservation and drinks) in cities and villages (public lighting…)

Despite the presence in Haiti, renewable energy is still modest, far from the commitment made by Haiti at the COP21 in 2015, to produce 80 megawatts of clean energy by 2020… while in the last World Bank RISE report Haiti ranks last in the Region, with a rating of only 7 out of 100 for renewable energies…

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