Haiti: Remobilized Soldiers Removed from Public Building in Saint Marc

SAINT MARC, Haiti (defend.ht) – After police intervention, demobilized soldiers stationed in St. Marc were forced to leave Monday night a building they had occupied for the past weekend, at the southern entrance of the city.

“We did not have the will to fight. The military did not give up. We just folded,” said Sergeant Pierre Emmanuel Fene NEWS FM Radio, a local station a few minutes after clearing the scene.

This building housed the local district court of the southern district of Saint Marc and served as a position for the Armed Forces of Haiti (FAD’H) and as a police department for the National Police of Haiti (PNH) in the past.

Announcing that he is in contact with other military bases in the country, Sergeant Fene added that his men will regroup in another location.

The police operation was conducted in the presence of the incumbent Mayor Jean Rony and his assistant Eugene Edson Vernet and Jean Claude Young, the departmental director of the Artibonite. The PNH have made no comment.


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