Haiti protesters stone man to death as political crisis deepens

By Joseph Guyler Delva

Haiti slipped deeper into unrest on Friday as gangs of former soldiers roamed the capital and a mob of protesters beat a man to death with stones, following a botched election that has left no successor for outgoing President Michel Martelly.

Reuters witnesses said the crowd attacked an unidentified man wearing military style clothes. The protesters accused him of being a member of a widely unpopular army that was disbanded in 1995.

Martelly is due to leave office on Sunday but squabbling politicians have failed to organise an interim government to replace him, after the runoff election to choose his successor was scrapped last month amid violence and fraud allegations.

(Writing by Frank Jack Daniel)


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3 thoughts on “Haiti protesters stone man to death as political crisis deepens

  1. The opposition shows its colors by destroying all carnival stands, on the Champs de Mars, burned cars, broke windows, robbed businesses and stoned to death a tired, old aged 78, ex-member of the Forces Armees d’Haiti.

    A window to the future offered by this tiny minority that will hold 10,000,000 Haitians hostage while the world looks on.

    MINUSTAH is worth zero in the equation.

  2. MINUSTAH is an occupation force. I suppose you want them to massacre the people.

    It is a shame that the retired leadership of FADAH allowed the name of the institution to side with a corrupt government against the people. Once again they fail to show that they any moral authority.

    1. I would think that MINUSTAH would do what is necessary to ensure peace and safety of ALL Haitians. You James, are the only moron suggesting anyone gets massacred.

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