Haiti: Political Leaders Critical of PM Vote in the Senate-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Thursday, 12 April 2012 20:40

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – Senators put personal interests ahead of those of the nation, declared Evans Paul, a leader of the United Democratic Convention (KID) and former Mayor of Port-au-Prince. Mr. Paul was reacting to the favorable vote in the upper house to ratify Laurent Lamothe to lead the Government of Haiti.

”A vote of shame and a sham,” is what Paul called the meeting on Tuesday night in the senate. The KID leader questioned the motivation of the senators who voted considering that the Prime Minister-designate is suspected of having foreign nationality, had been in Haiti for 106 days in the past five years and is not in good standing with the internal revenue service of Haiti, only once paying taxes in the month of March 2012.

Asked to explain the majority vote in the senate, Evans Paul, cited the word “imposter” but chose not to use the word. Paul says that senators that voted for Lamothe put their personal interests ahead of the country and did not regard ARTICLE 157 of the Constitution of Haiti, the would describe guidelines for ascending to the prime ministership.

For his part, Executive Secretary of the Organization of the People’s Struggle (OPL) Sauver Pierre Etienne says he is not surprised by the decision of the members of the upper chamber to give a favorable vote to the outgoing foreign minister. “An understandable choice because it takes out of this political impasse in his opinion.”

But the OPL Official doubts that the vote was in compliance with the laws prescribed in the fundamental charter of the republic. Persistent rumors suggest that senators would have been greased to vote in favor of Laurent Lamothe. It would be very unfortunate for the country, said the Spokesman of the OPL.

For his part, the main leader of KID, Evans Paul, is convinced that this vote might cause the persistence of this political crisis that has too long.

Rosemond Pradel, the Secretary General of the Fusion Party, recognized the doubt in the Constitutional eligibility as it pertains to nationality and residency of the prime minister designate, but applauded the vote of the senate due to the fact that the country could not operate without a prime minister.



When did Evans Paul ever put the Nation’s well-being ahead of his pocketbook?

He is a poor one to talk. And, of course, as Aristide’s close associate, Evans Paul and Lassague were responsible for the killing of 276 Lafontant supporters in January, 1991. When Aristide made a trip to Paris, during his first presidency, Evans Paul, as Mayor of Port-au-Prince coordinated a terror campaign that saw almost 1,000 killed, to make sure no one tried to take Aristide’s place, while he was out of the country.

Remember the past, before allowing garbage a place in today’s conversations.


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