Haiti – Politic : The new Director General of the PNH, installed before being ratified…

Godson Aurélus, former Divisional Commissioner and former head of the Directorate of Judicial Police (DCPJ), was officially installed this Monday, August 20 as Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), replacing Mario Andrésol, whose term ended on 18 August 2012, after 7 years at the head of this institution. The ceremony was held in the premises of the Directorate General of the PNH in the presence of high-Staff and Mario Andrésol.

In his statement to the press, the new Director General has promised to focus on the improvement of living conditions of police officers. “[…] One of the biggest problems at the level of the police is at the level of base, of police officers working in the street, that are in front of the population to give security to protect, to prevent and bring to justice those who violate the laws […]

We must take into consideration the case of these people, their demands, what they want to improve their living conditions, to motivate them in their work, when I say motivation is a question of wages, we know that the police officers are not well paid, we ask them a lot of hours, but they are poorly paid.

It is also a question of social insurance. When a police officer in the course of his work is injured, becomes disabled or dies from injuries […] when a police officer is outside chasing bandits, protect the population, it must have a tranquility of mind. It is not only in terms of wages, it is also a question of benefits. It must know that if it is sick, a hospital will receive it, that it will a facility of care if it is wounded […] We will think about that with the Government for there to be an improvement in the living conditions of police officers […] we will fight for it, We will struggle for it, with the government so that police officers have insurance […] “

The Senator Pierre Francky Exius, President of the Commission Justice and Security, responsible for analyzing the issue of the new Director General of the PNH, deplores the non-compliance of the procedure, noting that the Head of State has proceeded to this installation before the ratification of the appointment by the Senate. It confirms, however, that “the Commission had a first meeting on Monday on the issue and will invite the Commissioner Orélus to deposit his documents this Wednesday, in anticipation of his hearing on August 27,” he promised that the Commission will proceed rapidly with the analysis documents.

For his part, the Deputy Éloune Doréus [OPL] asks the Commission to analyze with the greatest attention the record of Mr. Godson Aurélus, whom he suspects of being involved in the arrest of Deputy Arnel Bélizaire in October 2011.

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