Haiti – Politic : The CSPJ and the Executive have no power on the advisers of CEP

Haiti - Politic : The CSPJ and the Executive have no power on the advisers of CEP

Friday, following the decision of the members of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) to resume the process of appointing of 3 members of the Judiciary, to serve on the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP), Me Carlos Hercules, the President of the Bars Federation of Haiti, wondered on the withdrawal mechanism of representatives of CSPJ already installed to the CEP “I have reserves concerning the mechanism that will use, either the CSPJ or the Presidency, to ask people who already exercise their function of adviser to the Permanent Electoral Council of 6 members, to release seats.”

This Monday, the Head of the State, which had not yet been officially informed of the resumption of the designation process declared “[…] I will tell you one thing […] I never talked about the CSPJ, nor of what it did as action to get where it is today. I would not talk about what it do now, the CSPJ is the CSPJ ! […] I suppose they do what their conscience told them to do, I found and I’m looking […]

I do not know if they can choose people now, if this people are not the same people who are at CEP. Perhaps, as individuals they have sent them there, they can ask them to resign, if it is not the same names that coming out. Perhaps they can reach a consensus like that. Similarly, myself I have no power over these 3 members that I have already named. Now, if there was a problem ans that I wanted to move forward, I would be perhaps obliged to ask one or more to resign, not under the constraint, just talk to them to try to fix things […] Neither the CSPJ or the Executive, have power over the 6 people that are already installed in the Permanent Electoral Council.

The only thing I know, they talked to make perhaps a vote on Tuesday, and if they do it and that they choose 3 people, I do not know if it will be the same people, or one of them. Perhaps they can make lobbying with these persons who are already in the CEP, to ask them to resign. But I repeat again, nor the CSPJ nor the Executive have power over representatives within the Permanent Electoral Council


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