Haiti – Justice : Nearly 10 millios Gourdes diverted from PSUGO

Haiti - Justice : Nearly 10 millios Gourdes diverted from PSUGO

Antoine Atouriste, the Director of the Unit of Fight Against Corruption (ULCC) presented this week, its investigation report on the diversion of nearly 10 million Gourdes of funds of Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory (PSUGO) in Port de Paix (Northwest). In its investigation the ULCC has revealed the involvement of six public servants working in two institutions, whose the regional office of the Ministry of Education and the Banque Nationale de Credit (BNC).

Henry Alcidonis, former Deputy Director of Regional Bureau of the Ministry of Education, seen as the main responsible of this fraud, is on the run. An arrest warrant national and international was issued against him.

Mr. Alcidonis proceeded to the fraudulent registration of dozens of teenagers on a list of school directors. Antoine Atouriste explained that about 65 checks had been located, these checks (between 200.000 and 300.000 gourdes) were then exchanged by teenagers, thanks to the complicity of an executive of the Directorate, the Head of Customer Service and a Cashier of the BNC branch, money that young handed to criminals, in exchange of a small fee… 5 accomplices whose 3 of the BNC were arrested said the Director of ULCC.

The investigation has allowed to trace and freeze 4 million gourdes, amounts that will be paid back to PSUGO. For the other 6 million, they were shut out in the purchase of vehicles, land and real estate in various constructions, all these properties will be confiscated by the state, affirmed Mr. Atouriste and “the accused will be tried for embezzlement, corruption, money laundering, forgery and use of false.”

In addition, the Director of ULCC, without giving details, indicated that the investigations were underway in several other cases and that files will be sent shortly to Jean Renel Sénatus, the Government Commissioner of Port-au Prince…


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