Haiti: Godson Orélus Nominated to Replace Mario Andrésol as Chief of Police

PNH DG (A.I.) Godson Orelus and PNH DG Mario Andresol

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – Mario Andrésol has been replaced as Director General of the National Police of Haiti by Godson Orelius, pending senate approval, the National Palace announced on Wednesday.

Andrésol had been the head of the PNH since 2006 and had his 3 year mandate renewed in 2009. His time as head of police was set to expire on August 18, 2012 if not renewed but the executive government has announced Godson Orelius as the nominee for Chief of Police.

Orélus had served as Divisional Commissioner of the National Police and became the Central Director of the Judicial Police in June of 2011.

In January of 2012 Orélus was the subject of an investigation into the arbitrary arrest of Parliamentarian, Deputy Arnel Belizaire (Delmas/Independent). Godson Orélus was the police officer who orchestrated the arrest at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport that got a lot of press.

In the past year corruption within the Haitian National Police had tarnished the institution. Two reports from the United Nations in December implicated officers in beatings and murders of persons detained. In recent months, allegations of police officers participating in criminal activities such as kidnapping in trafficking in the North Department were revealed. In both cases, arrests were not made.


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