Haiti: Former Rebel Leader Guy Philippe Defends Aristide-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Monday, 26 March 2012 19:21

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – The former rebel leader Guy Philippe said he was ready to “go down the streets” to prevent the extradition of the former head of state Jean-Bertrand Aristide that he helped to overthrow by force in 2004.

The former soldier, speaking on the airwaves of a private radio station in Port-au-Prince [Radio Kiskeya], stated that no government has the right to come and arrest a former president in his country. “A former head of state shall be respected”, he said.

“I am ready to go down the streets to prevent the extradition of Jean-Bertrand Aristide,” said the former rebel leader who had taken an active part in the 2004 overthrow of former President.

The former military reacted to the statements of political leader Evans Paul who said Saturday that the US would hold a plan to go to Haiti and arrest Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Guy Philippe for drug issues.



Evans Paul is an idiot. He shouldn’t worry about people arresting Aristide for minor crimes, such as murder, kidnap, theft of government funds, on a massive scale, and cocaine trafficking.

Evans Paul  should be judged for his part in the murders of some 250 Lafontant supporters in January, 1991, but this will probably be left to God.

We appreciate Guy Philippe’s nationalistic feelings. He has been the target of some unfair actions, on the part of the Americans, initiated by Rene Preval when he had them include Philippe’s name in arrest actions, when it was not present on the original documents.

Focus on Aristide.

Leave Guy Philippe alone.


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  1. Guy-Phillip is right well should all support Aristid against possible extradition. Bear in mind I detest Aristid, however no citizen of Haiti should be extradited for crimes not performed in Haiti.

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