Haiti – Environment : Measures of protection for the environment

Haiti - Environment : Measures of protection for the environment

Following the decree prohibiting the importation and marketing of polyethylene bags, in order to protect the environment and population, the Ministry of Communication specifies that this measure does not ban plastic packaging, but aims to reduce the impact of a special type of packaging, the polyethylene bags which concerns among other the black bags used in some cases, to cover food and that cause real biological damage in all our departments.

The Ministry of Communications reported that these plastics are not biodegradable, can take 400 years to degrade, and cause severe economic losses during dredging of drains and endanger the Haitian wildlife and marine and the fishing industry. Stressing also that the plastic bags made in polyethylene and their derivatives of the same quality, significantly affect the maritime waters of our neighbors.

The Ministry asks the population to collaborate to help the Government achieve its plan of protection of our environment.

Presidential Order dated August 9, 2012

1. It is strictly forbidden to manufacture, import, market and use in any manner whatsoever, the black polyethylene bags;

2. It is strictly forbidden to manufacture, import, market and use in any manner whatsoever objects in expanded polystyrene (EPS or PS crystal or styrofoam) to single use and food, such as trays, cups, bottles, cups and plates.

This order shall come into force on 1 October 2012. Any shipment of packages containing plastic prohibited will be confiscated by the customs authorities and the owners punished in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Code.

A decision, already causing negative reactions in various sectors, among others in the sale of water and juice in bags. Workers of the Alaska Plant demonstrated on Tuesday in the capital, fearing that this decision makes lose thousands of jobs… The direction of STRE S.A. (Société de Traitement d’Eau) warned that this measure could result to the closure of the plant [?]

Haitian industrialists, should yet know, that it is entirely possible for them, to produce ecological plastic Biodegrable by adding, during the manufacture, an additive, making the plastic oxo-biodegradable [biodegradation in CO2, water and biomass without environmental toxicity]. The biodegradable plastic is as strong as a traditional plastic and uses the same production machines without modification. It can be used without problems [among others] in the sale of liquids in bags. The degradation period can be predetermined during manufacture, for a period from 6 months to 5 years. Note that there are also ecological alternative solutions for the production of containers ecological in place of styrofoam.

Several African countries (and rich countries) have passed similar laws and successfully modified their productions. There is no reason why Haiti can not take the path of ecology and that the industry and people adapt to new ecological products. It would be desirable, that beyond the decrees, the Government sending notes of information to the Haitian industries concerned and communicate more widely with the public, whose the limited education, only sees the ban and no alternative solution…

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  1. The person who wrote this pretends to have a scientific solution to the plastic problem.

    It is not so simple.

    A major American group is trying to think of a solution to the plastic water bags… and has yet to develop an answer.

    It is all very well to discuss additives, that supposedly make plastic more environmentally friendly. It is not as simple as that…otherwise the folks in California would have followed this concept.

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