Haiti – Economy : A study that will make waves, estimates the minimum wage to 1,750 gourdes

In order to try to answer the question of the amount of the living wage in relation to the cost of living, a subject where opinions are very divergent on several points “Solidarity Center” the largest international organization for the defense of workers’ rights based in United States, conducted a study through its Solidarity Center in Haiti on minimum daily wage in general and in particular for workers in the textile sector in Port-au-Prince.

This rare study that details all the expenses faced by workers and their familiesshows that the minimum daily wage for a textile worker in Haiti should be 1,750 gourdes.

It should be recalled that the “Solidarity Center” is based on the fundamental principle that workers can, by exercising their right to freedom of association and by forming trade unions and democratic organizations of workers’ rights, collectively improve their jobs and their places of work. work, call on their governments to uphold laws and protect human rights, and be a force for democracy, social justice and inclusive economic development.

Download the complete study :

In creole :https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/Haiti.High-Cost-of-Wages-2019-Report.Creole.4.19.pdf

In English :https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/Haiti.High-Cost-of-Wages-2019-Report.English.4.19.pdf

To learn more about Solidarity Center visit :http://www.solidaritycenter.org
This sort of Minimum Wage would destroy Haiti’s economy.
Having said that, the present situation has been generated by criminals in our system who have played with the Haitian Currency’s Value as though it was a Las Vegas game.
The present, and last Central Bank Governor, should be jailed for their handling of our well-being.
Castel has one hundred properties, now registered in his name,plus millions in cash, tucked away. Some suggest his term as Governor of our banking system made him a billionaire.

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