Haiti earthquake disaster update: Man rescued after buried in rubble for 2 weeks

On Tuesday, a crowed of looters pulled a man out of the rubble of a building that had toppled after the powerful Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti, according to the Associated Press.
Reuters reports that Rico Dibrivell, 35, was dressed only in underpants and appeared to have no serious injuries.

Dibrivell, who claims to have been trapped under a collapsed Port-au-Prince building for two weeks, was treated by U.S. soldiers from the 82nd Airborne for a broken leg and severe dehydration.

According to CBS News, over 100 survivors have been unearthed by rescue teams since the magnitude-7 temblor hit the Caribbean nation 14-days-ago.

On Saturday a 23-year-old man was rescued from beneath the rubble of the Napoli Inn Hotel in the nation’s capital city after being buried for 11 days.


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