Haiti – Dominican Republic : 6 arrests in the case of the Haitian flag burned

Haiti - Dominican Republic : 6 arrests in the case of the Haitian flag burned

Haiti Libre:

Police and judicial authorities tracked without wasting time, those who had burned the Haitian flag on Wednesday in the popular area of Santiago “Le Ciruelitos”…

The prosecutor of Santiago ordered the arrest of six individuals, who appeared before the judicial authority, accused of participating in the burning of the Haitian flag and having proffered threats brandishing machetes to attack the Haitian citizens, who reside in the area.

For the moment, only José Manuel Rodríguez was positively identified, [several participants were masked during this anti-Haitian act], he acknowledged being a member of the revolutionary movement “Caamañita” which claims the action of offense against the Haitian nation.

A leader of the movement, tried to justify his ethnic attitude of rejection explaining “the Haitians take our land and offend the ideals of Duarte, without the authorities taking action on the matter.”

This unacceptable act was strongly condemned in Santiago by the different sectors opposed to racial hatred and discrimination, which can only lead to violence.

Moreover, Andrés Navarro, the Foreign Minister Dominican, said Thursday that “behind the flag that was burned and other violent events of recent days, hides sectors whose purpose is to harm relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti,” adding that “even if they are parties that wish to benefit from this type of difficulty, the Government’s intention is to further strengthen the relationship and to maintain dialogue between the two nations.”

Regarding the case of Santiago, where a Haitian youth was killed by unknown before being hung to a tree he indicated that an investigation of the Prosecutor General was underway and two suspects were actively sought by police. He said that events of this nature can happen anywhere, but the most important thing “is to not let them unpunished and that justice is done.”



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