Haiti – Agriculture : Distribution of young goats to small farmers

Haiti - Agriculture : Distribution of young goats to small farmers

Thursday, as part of the program “Aba Grangou” the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR) has gathered the main local authorities, farmers’ organizations, the civil protection and representatives of NGOs of Northwest, to launch a program of income generation by the distribution of young goats to small farmers.

During this meeting, moderated by Dr. Michel Chancy, Secretary of State for Animal Production, a departmental committee for the project was established. This committee includes representatives of MARNDR, of the Departmental delegation of Northwest, of Fund of Economic and Social Assistance (FAES), of representatives of ADEMA and of GRAF, two NGOs that have achieved great distribution programs of young goats in the region. Are also shown the association of veterinary agents INTERVET, the association of mayors and of Casecs and the farmer organization Tèt Kole.

Each of the municipalities affected by the project will have to create or strengthen a Committee of livestock protection, because it is at the communal level, that the identification of beneficiaries, the purchase and distribution will be done.

The beneficiaries will follow three days of training in livestock techniques environmentally friendly and will have to contribute by giving, after breeding, of young goats to a second generation of beneficiaries in order to perpetuate the program.

1000 young goats will be purchased and distributed to a first group of 500 recipients in the Northwest and the program will expand soon across the country.

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