Haiti’s Martelly Meets with United States Congressional Delegation-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Above: US Sen. Patrick Leahy

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haitian President Michel Martelly met Friday in Port-au-Prince with a delegation of three United States senators and two US congressmen to talk about the political situation in the country.

The meeting followed the announcement Friday morning that Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille had resigned.

The delegation included Senators Patrick Leahy, Richard Shelby and Chris Coons, along with Congressmen Xavier Becerra and Peter Welch.

According to the National Palace, Martelly sought to assure the delegation members about the nomination process and ratification of a new Prime Minister to replace Conille.

They also spoke about the upcoming elections and the country’s work to establish the rule of law.

The US delegation pledged technical assistance in technology, agriculture, energy, education and the fight against voter fraud.



Even as Martelly was promising the Americans legality, he was demanding that Conille leave the country – IMMEDIATELY! This is a violation of the Constitution and Conille refused, saying he would fulfill his duties, outlined by the Constitution.

We expect some rough roads for Martelly if he continues along his chosen path


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