Guatemala and Haiti joined Mexico in offering mangoes to the US

Haitian Mangos in US Grocery

According to figures released by the National Mango Board (NMB) in its latest harvest report, mango shipments to the US in the week ended on March 30, 2013 totalled approximately 2,031,950 boxes, a 15% increase in relation to the previous week.

Of the total, about 1,490,148 boxes came from Mexico, 8% more than the previous week. To date the Aztec country has sent a total of 7,655,049 cases.
For the next two weeks shipments of 1,626,814 and 2,111,144 boxes, respectively, are expected.
The entity reported that the average price per case for the Mexican Ataulfo variety increased by 1% (US $ 6.10) at the port of entry in Texas and 4% (US $ 5.93) in Nogales.
The average price per box of Haden and Tommy Atkins from Mexico also experienced a rise in the port of entry of Texas. In both cases the increase was of 6% compared to the previous week, reaching US $ 5.72 and US $ 5.62.
Guatemala and Haiti
Guatemala and Haiti also shipped, but to a lesser extent, mangoes to the US market. Both countries seasons kicked off in mid-March.
The NMB reported that Guatemala – a country that produces mainly Tommy Atkins, Ataulfo and Kent varieties – sent about 437,496 boxes the week ended on March 30, for a total of 939,184 cases to date.
Meanwhile Haiti shipped approximately 104,306 boxes. The main variety exported by the country is Francis.

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