June 16, 2011

Franck Cine – owner of HAITEL – one of Haiti’s first cell phone companies, made the mistake of returning to Haiti before the Preval cabinet was replaced. The result was predictable. Paul Denis, Preval’s Justice Minister, simply renewed the vendetta against Cine that started when the Preval government effectively stole SOCABANK from him.

Preval jailed Cine for something like 2.5 years, until a foreign hand intervened and saw him flown into the States.

Cine is in a very dangerous situation, being locked up in the National Penitentiary.

He could suffer a heart attack – fatal, or some other unfortunate thing,


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  1. They have to arrest all of them because they don’t want haiti develop those guys stand in the way to stop haiti’s progress,they use their power to kill then to create job school work for the people ,, i guess penitancier national is a nice hotel room for him to stay at.i wish they bring aristide and preval in the room next to him.

  2. I would not be surprised if Cine dies in jail He know to much

  3. Ki diferans ki genyen ant Cine ak Aristide ak Preval nan dosye mache vide moun a te a?

    Kiles ki met, bank ak konpayi telefon yo nan peyi a? Cine se te jeran moun yo wi.Batay la komanse. Nou pral we ki kote sa pral rive. Si n ap fe anket ki rele anket pou arete vakabon nan peyi a, ki kote nou genyen pou nou ta anpil tout malandren sa yo?

    Blan kou neg ta pral pran kod.

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