FLASH…THE HAITIAN RUMOR MILL.. Rene Preval has signed his resignation, agreeing to step down as President Of Haiti.

Some American forces are already in this devastated country.
Expect 10,000 more in immediate future, along with American engineering troops.

The recent Preval crimes were too much for the International Community.

His wife, Elisabeth Delatour-Preval may be the subject of criminal indictment within the American legal system, along with several other Preval associates. This follows along the line of the recent TELECO arrests for embezzlement and money-laundering.Interest is focused upon several offshore banks. The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Company is of special interest since evidence has appeared, showing some Haitians and Haitian-Americans have deposited millions with this organization. Several American governmental agencies are investing the possibility of criminal charges.

Two US  Navy Sikorsky attack helicopters circled downtown Port-au-Prince this afternoon, along with a number of others from the Dominican Republic and the US Coast Guard. A large American naval vessel is offshore with another expected tomorrow. A steady stream of transport aircraft circles the city for landing at the airport.

On Saturday, there was an emergency at the International Airport. It seems as though the Americans took charge and then refused landing permission for two French aircraft carrying relief supplies for Haiti’s desperate people. Although they declared an emergency, because of low fuel, they were diverted elsewhere. It seems as though this stupid action was a part of the security precautions for Hilliary Clinton’s visit.
With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The recent Preval actions, after the disastrous earthquake, were the final straw.

If the International Community had not acted, the Haitian people would have taken action. They have always hated Preval who was forced upon Haiti, as President, via the direct interference of MINUSTAH’s Brazilian and Chilean representatives. Preval only got 21 percent in the 2006 presidential ballot. Chile and Brazil increased this to 51 percent in order to avoid a run-off in which their man, Preval, would have been defeated.


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21 thoughts on “FLASH…THE HAITIAN RUMOR MILL.. Rene Preval has signed his resignation, agreeing to step down as President Of Haiti.

  1. This would have been the best new ever to start a reanniassance of Haiti, however I have my doubt knowing how stupid and Dumb that Preval is, he lack the character to accomplish such an honorable thing.

  2. How dare you say “With friends like [the Americans], who needs enemies?” Médecins Sans Frontières was upset about a couple of planes carrying medical supplies that had been diverted because at the time there was nowhere to land safely at the small, overcrowded airport, where air traffic control is being conducted by Americans in a tent with radios, last I heard. Such conditions are fantastically dangerous for air traffic control.

    You have only rumor to go on (“it seems as though . . .”) but you make this spiteful statement anyway. Just as those military personnel running the airport shouldn’t tell doctors how to operate on a wounded patient, so those doctors shouldn’t tell military personnel how to secure an area and safely guide planes in to land.

    Do you understand that we in the States are broke but, even so, we are sending our troops and treasure to Haiti to rescue, feed and house victims? Who else has the wherewithal to establish adequate security–which must be done before, for example, medical aid centers can safely and effectively operate 24/7 instead of shutting down as the sun sets because of the high risk of crime.

    I live not far from Charleston Air Force Base, home of the massive C-17 cargo planes which are taking water, food, rescue personnel and emergency aid of all kinds to Haiti. For some days now I have been hearing the greatly increased air traffic and know all those planes are packed to the roof with help for earthquake victims–or returning for more. Just yesterday it was announced that Obama will be sending 10,000 more military personnel. They will be mostly reserve troops who have been plucked from their jobs, businesses and families at a moment’s notice to help the people of Haiti. They don’t mind, it’s why they belong to the reserve forces–to help in any emergency.

    Just before I read your despicable remark, I read about complaints from foreign people in Haiti that American planes, which have just unloaded their aid, are giving priority to Americans who wish to leave and returning to their bases–where they will turn around and transport more aid and personnel to Haiti. While Americans can fairly easily contact relatives who will help them return home, if needed, it is extremely problematic to deal with foreigners, vis a vis identification, passports, financial assistance, and so on. Shouldn’t the foreign refugees complain to their various countries of origin about lack of transportation? Oh, of course not, the burden is put on the Americans–again.

    Of course, if Haiti doesn’t like the way American troops and other aid workers are expertly trained to react to overwhelming tragedies such as this earthquake, the country is free to refuse further help and send back what aid has not yet been distributed, along with the planes, ships, helicopters, vehicles, unspent dollar donations, and the rest.

  3. If you had been in Haiti, instead of South Carolina, USA, you might have seen some factual things, instead of armchair expertise.
    The US help is much appreciated by ALL in Haiti, but the French planes were re-routed after their arrival times were confirmed and plotted- Afterall, they did leave from mainland Europe with Port-au-Prince as a destination plotted before take-off.
    Your comments on this are total misstatements and the ignorant expression of blind national pride. Take no offense to the distaste of the FACT that two aid planes that just flew over the Atlantic were re-routed while on very low fuel, as to accommodate one USELESS toad- Mrs. Clinton.

    Your soldiers that were to protect aid workers working overnight failed to protect the Belgian search and rescue folks, thus bringing them to the decision to pull out totally and head home.

    Wave your flag with pride, but don’t claim to know what is happening when you are sitting in the US and watching your TV.

  4. I was there when the mobs started to throw big chunks of stone and crushed building at the Belgians, and saw the US soldiers come in before and tell the Haitian Police to go away- the Belgians would be protected. The Americans left the area immediately, and the mob came out right after.

    As I saw, two Belgian rescue were injured when they were hit in the head, faced, and backs with big rocks. They retreated, and the people they were saving inside died by the next morning.

    your arrogance and foolish comments show that you know nothing about what is really happening in my home. Thank you for caring, but refrain from making statements in defence of something that you know little of. COME TO HAITI AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

  5. The comment from North Carolina does not have any idea of what is happening here. I am right here looking with my own two eyes, right this moment.

    First of all, the Air Traffic Control is not in a tent. It is in a well-equipped control tower that operates to international IFR standards.

    I myself have flown for something over 10,000 hours, military and civilian.

    I was at the International Airport when the two French relief aircraft were waved off. There was no traffic congestion, at the time, in fact there was no traffic…PERIOD!!!!

    Landing permission was refused on a security basis for Hillary Clinton’s aircraft that was somewhere out there. One of the French aircraft was very low on fuel and, had it been me at the controls, I would have simply declared an emergency, dropped the flaps and gear and landed.

    There was absolutely no need to send these aircraft elsewhere. After all, Haiti is still a sovereign nations, and there are Air Traffic rules, on an international basis. The action to divert the aircraft was immoral, and illegal.

    I am presently standing with a group of American Marines and Canadian Army personnel. They were with me when the French were sent away and agree that it was a case of supreme, unnecessary stupidity.

    Of course, the guy who wrote the misguided and bitchy comment remains anonymous, as do most of his kind. His opinions are an embarrassment to the rest of us who cal the USA home.

    We have over 100,000 dead and the nation is devastated.

    Children are starving to death and there is nothing I can do to stop this, other than to give what little I have.

    I never heard about anyone complaining about priority for seats on outgoing aircraft, and I am in direct, and intimated contact with the American and Canadian Embassies, along with the MINUSTAH headquarters.

    If the armchair expert from North Carolina had any guts, he would get on American Airlines and fly down here to help. I have a bed, but there is no food or water for him.

  6. I read a lot of yahoo news and I can tell everything’s US bias in the reporting. It’s kind of sad that you’d have to look elsewhere to read anything or see anything unbiased in what’s happening over there. The truth is, there’s a lot of people from different countries working in Haiti to help. All I see in our news is how much the US is helping out and what they’re doing. I’m not anti-American or anything, but I see a lot of shady stuff that we’re doing over there and no I don’t think the good we’re doing cancels the bad.
    Not to be mistaken, the help we’re doing is a lot and more than most, but we’re also pissing off a lot of people. I read in the Philippine news that the US Air Force Special Forces that took over the air controls in Haiti were prioritizing American needs and wants over the other countries. (French were complaining that US bound flights were being prioritized over other countries. We had 45,000 citizens that wanted to leave.) Like I said, there’s different countries already over there and some of them are not happy about the Americans.
    But to be fair, I see a lot of the complaints are coming from the French nationals who wants to leave the country.
    Btw, the US air controllers are not in a tent in the air port using radios. That’s silly. They wouldn’t have the equipment to set up that kind of responsibility in short time. The truth is, the air controls were handled first by Air Force personal in a plane flying over Haiti until the Special Forces were able to land and do their job in the traffic tower in the air port.

  7. I feel for the people of Haiti. I am an American Indian from the U.S and I just cannot say enough about the devestaion and pain that is going on in your country. All I can do is offer prayers to the creator for the people of Haiti and those who have walked on to the spirit world. Hozho ahaslee, Hozho ahaslee, Hozho ahaslee, Hozho ahaslee. May you all heal as a country and a people.

  8. -Since you’re not a security agent, who are supposed to operate with an abundence of caution, I don’t feel you have a right to judge actions of security. Maybe the military did make a decision error, but your language and expressions(; bitchy; stupidly; bed, but no food or water; etc.) makes you nothing but another American critic which most of us have already had a bellyfull. Had you stated your case more eloquently as our “dear” leader does, you might have been more convincing. Being there is no guarantee of correct interpretation. All I’ve read says the Haitians are begging us to be there with our money and aid in abundance. There will be mistakes made with a tragedy of this magnitude. You be sure to point them all out.

  9. Preval is presently in the Dominican Republic for a meeting with the Dominican President. He is negotiating a deal in which the Dominican government will allow him to live safely in that country. He will step down before the preesidential elections and depart for exile.
    Right now he is trying to avoid criminal prosecution for his many, many crimes.
    He should not be able to hide.

  10. He is going to be in very bad trouble for stealing the hundreds millions dollars from my country when flooding killed so many. This was not far ago in time, and again it is going to be our fate if he is still president. PUT HIM IN JAIL before he steals what has been sent to us after this earthquake. Please GOD we need help!!!!

  11. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

  12. I must say bro, your blog is simply stunning. I found it simply by searching around Google and to be honest I am certainly glad that I did. Keep it up. On a sidenote, http://videotrends.net/ has the first video footage I’ve seen on this event.

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