2145 HOURS 13 SEPTEMBER, 2010

Each day President Preval spends from 10:00 AM through 5:00 PM in important business meetings, broken by a one hour siesta. The business leaders, most important to his political and personal survival are the gang-leaders from around Haiti. He spends hours each day, with this criminal element, and has no time for his cabinet, or the reconstruction of his nation.

Preval, and his presidential candidate, Jude Celestin have been working on a major plan that was to be launched on October 15 with a major event on Delmas, Grande Ravine. This would rpidly escalate into a nationwide turbulence that would see many people killed.

The elections effectively derailed, perhaps permanently.

Drug dealer, and murderer, Senator Lambert is the key coordinator of the project, with a number of deputies scattered around the nations. Moise in Cap Haitien, Rene Momplaisir in the west to name a few.

This week Preval sent 400,000 Haitian ($50,000American) to some 20 CASECS as funding for the diusturbances. The week before he distributed 50 similar sums to 50 other agitators to fund problems.

The October 15 event was to be followed by the assassinations of Leslie Voltaire (one of Preval’s own) and Jean-Henry Ceant, now the leading candidate for the presidency. This fact became more apparent when Ceant travelled to Cap Haitian and on to Ouanaminthe where he was received like a king by Rudi Boulos and the local population.
Boulos has just had his Haitian passport returned as Preval was forced to admit Boulos is, and always has been, a Haitian citizen. Boulos was attacked and driven from the Senate with accusations to the effect that he was, in fact, American.
Ceant’s triumphal tour of the north and north east frightened President Rene Preval into immediate action.
The new plan sees quick action. An insider tells us that Preval will create a public poll that shows Ceant to be the least popular of the presidential candidates. Then Ceant is to be killed.
A recent MINUSTAH poll showed Preval, and UNITE/INITE his political party to have2.5 percent nationwide popularity.
One of Preval’s intimates, who would do almost anything – except murder – to keep Preval in the palace has told us of the plan.
Preval is also counting on Bill Clinton’s desire to avoid electyions so that he, and his associates, including the Vorbe group, will install a tame Interim President – possible Bellerive, Madame Manigat, or Michele Pierre Louis. Preval believes Clinton’s tricky moves will work to his (Preval’s) advantage.
It should also be noted that Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s right hand lady, and the attorney who defended Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, visited Haiti recently. She was very rough on American Ambassador Merton, effectively telling him to back off on the elections. “Hillary Clinton did not want them…”
The situation is about to erupt, and people will die.
The recent killing of a police chief’s wife was a first message.
The next message may be the death of Jean-Henry Ceant or Leslie Voltaire.
It is time for the International Community to step in and protect their investment. Preval must be neutralized. There must be a new Electoral Council.
Otherwise Haiti is going to explode into a world class embarrassment.
Put a polygraph on the American ambassador, Cheryl Mills and Hillary Clinton. Preval is not the only criminal in the game.


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  1. No surprise.

    The people hate Preval.

    They love Aristide and Duvalier, but we are forced to have Preval.

    So much for Democracy.

    It is garbages.

  2. wow!

    and..wow again

    you are really on the top of events.

    the world must know of what ishappening

    there is nothing in the news and Haiti is in trouble.

    thank you

  3. Preval must be gone.

    Preval, Elizabeth and Jude Celestin must face justiced.

    They are criminals caring not much or anything for their national…

    They are digsutings and should have no impunity.

    Aba Preval.

    Where are Aristide and Duvalier when we require them?

  4. It is impossible to hold a fair and democratic election while under a foreign occupation. This election will be another farce played by the so called international community against the will of Haitian people. Preval may initiate violence but he will not be able to determine its outcome for his objective is to designate his successor so as to guarantee an impunity which he will badly need.

  5. The plan is not a Preval’s plan. This is the foreign plan for Haiti.I always heard from agents working underground for Preval cause, that to encourage the foreign investors to be established in Haiti to create jobs, They must create a very strong government system harder than the Duvalier regime in Haiti. That is exactly what they are doing right now in Haiti. Do not blame Preval, this a foreign made new style of government. Infortunately, the other politicians are not be able to understand why Preval invited them to talk.

    This is the way that the foreign group works. When they want to kill you, they put their hands around your neck.So, Preval has learned his lesson from them.Now, the other candidates can do or say anything than to accept their own lessons. Preval has strong mentors. Who would understand what kind of groups are behind Preval? You would never believe that. So, don’t even think about Obama, he is also under the control of the same groups.

    Money talk, money act, money decide.But at the end, people will see who are behind the film.Haiti has been sold forever.There will be no loan modification, no short sale, no foreclosure, no auction for Haiti. It has been sold as-is. There will be no way for Haitians to get the Country back.

    Preval will be appointed as the new Prime Minister of Haiti. More drugs are coming, more kidnapping, more crimes, more corruption, because, who ever refuses to accept the fact will be killed or fled for exiled in another country.

    However, who really knows what will happen next?
    God has the last word.

  6. It is impossible to hold an election without occupation, so where are we?

    Preval plans to steal the election to protect himself. He is vulnerable to many actions in justice.

    Unfortunate his prostate didn’t solve the problem.

    Elections will not.

  7. I can’t beleive it, how Haitians are thinking; why you want to kill somebody because he’s better than you? Haitian need to put themself together to face the economical situation this country knows for so long, when you’re wealthy and your neibor can’t eat a bread, it doesn’t mean nothing.

  8. The person that refers to themselves as the Haitian moses should just grab a chair and go sit somewhere. What’s this nonsense?

    1. Haiti Moses has been writing very long rambling comments from California since the earthquake. He talks in circles, and thinks that everyone needs to listen to his “Wisdom”- The sound of breaking glass and crushing metal is more pleasant to listen to than his words.

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