July 28, 2011


Michel Martelly escaped an assassination attempt during visit to Cap Haitian in which he planned to stir public sentiment against parliament’s blockage of appointment of prime minister. Senator Charles, of Cap Haitian, is a suspect in the attempt. If you look back at our earlier articles, searching his name, you will see that he is said to have received cash from Aristide to stir up problems in this area…

Some representatives, of international community, with a knee jerk reaction, expect the arrests of Aristide and Preval, believing this is the perfect opportunity for Martelly to neutralize them.

This is especially true since some Aristide/Preval supporters were openly saying that Martelly…”would not survive the week…”

A case of transmitting their punch, in advance.

Will be interesting to see what happens


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  1. I think that Martelly is taking too long to play politics with these dangerous Criminals, drug Dealers, Smugglers and Kidnappers. They should have been arrested,by order of the president, put in jail for life or put them out of the Country as traitors.
    If Martelly he does not work fast,
    I will feel sorry for him.

  2. I would suggest also that Martelly to be very careful in selecting his security…

  3. There was a distribution of money on Saturday.
    Attack carried out at 1 P.M. Sunday.
    Many arrests but guilty escaped over bridge.
    I was witnesses
    Big troubles ahead.

  4. Seriously I don’t know whether to laugh or simply dismiss you guys with your outlandish headlines. Let me see a few rocks were thrown along with a few bottles by some malcontents and your headline is, “Martelly survives assasination with minor injuries”. Where was the injuries? and Moise Charles is guilty how? I failed to see the connection either because I’m too ignorant or you have failed to give the necessary data to make the connection

    1. R colas- You said it…too ignorant- Why don’t you back up and read the FIRST PARAGRAPH, and follow the simple directions, if you can handle the task. I have been reading the aritcles here for a long time, and have learned how to use the search box and cross-reference past posts here a lot. There is more information that these people put online for us in Haiti- more than anywhere else.

  5. martelly has been playing with Inite/Lavalas corrupts drug dealers politicians, how about asking the DEA help in arresting those invole in drug trafficking to the US and have them tried and jailed in the US to have some peace in parlement.

    Aristide/Preval are a dangerous combo, Martelly need to man up and deal with these two poisonous snakes!!!

  6. Our information came from Cap Haitian and an embassy.

    Sometimes things get overblown and, when they are, we admit it.

    However, Aristide was a master at taking small, or non-events, and making a federal offence out of them.

    There was a cash distribution on Saturday in the amount of $6000.00US by someone named Bab. The attack was supposed to be more severe, and deadlier than the result.

    Some, close to Preval, were predicting Martelly’s death, before the end of the week.

    As with the Watergate Scandal, in the States, follow the money and find who initiated the incident. Then arrest those involved since this is an attack against the State.

  7. tooo much in anything is anoying.
    Marhelly is playing with his life.we see himm all over the country knowing that those criminals from INITE and Lavalas are looking to find a way to shut him down just like they did in an attempt to Wyclef.
    he must change security forces immediately. they are not good enough. they should have catch the guilties or at least one of them.
    I can view the men daed in a couple of months more or weeks with the kind of security arround him.
    the head of the police force is a faithfull disciple of Rene preval,he knows what are there plnned to kill the president,but he is trying to get his trust right now untill Miki truely beleive in him then he will take the shut.My friend,Mr. President,you are dealing with civilised people,those in the haitian congress are deliquents and criminals.they will kill you and destroy Haiti.that is their mission.they do not care about the country.

  8. Moise Jean-Charles must be remembered for his actions before Senate.

    He once cut six fingers from a lady’s hands for some sort of anger.

    He is truly a piece of gorbages.

  9. R Colas, I am in the Cap and have someone involved in the game.

    They knew Martelly planned to walk through a dangerous area where there is much munitions. The Police Chief was involved with those who would assault. Martelly security is weak. Someone was planned to shoot Martelly but lost his nerves.

    That a few bottles were throwed and Martelly was not killed does not mean he was not supposed to be dead.

    Find those involved and discover who sent them They missed on Sunday. They will not error next time.

  10. Marc the burden of proof is the with the author to make his point clear, coherent and concise, that is the goal of writing. I’m the audience and I have certain expectations when I’m reading an article.I can connect the dot, but that was not the title of the article.

    1. Rud Colas- Mr. Collins is the Author of this post. All others are just like you- commenting.

  11. They arrested some persons one of which was a man from the Parliament and he had a large gun.

    There was talking of an attack on Martelly in which he was planned to die.

    Investigations will show the event as more importance than we realise.

    Martelly was supposed to be dead.

    INITE has declared war with no retreats and Martelly remains frozen..

  12. Thank you Mr Collins for clarifying and answering one of my questions, I found your website in october 2010 which was helpful in helping me predict that Sweet Micky would actually become President. I was grateful for the insight/info, about what was going on the ground you that allowed me to make an educated guess as to would become the next haitian president. I left haiti as a child and I appreciate your POV because you dont seem to be a fanatic of anyone, as a result when I see some article that appears purely subjective, I will comment as such. I thank you for the great work that you are doing despite our occasional difference of opinion.

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