Experts Urge US to Stockpile Cholera Vaccine even as Preval Blocks Use in Haiti: Must Be A Message Here

Cholera outbreaks are devastating refugee camps after the earthquake that ravaged Haiti and now experts from Harvard Med. School, the George Washington U. and the Int’l. Vaccine Inst. (IVI) urge the US to stockpile cholera vaccines for humanitarian use saying that the cost of doing so would be low. “But the humanitarian benefits of rapid deployment of cholera vaccines to areas at high risk … could be enormous.”

Cholera affects 3 to 5 million people annually worldwide and results in about 100,000 deaths. At present, three oral vaccines with fewer than 500,000 doses are available for use. Experts say it’s incumbent upon the US to stockpile the vaccine for deployment to high risk areas in a humanitarian effort and to promote international stability through vaccine diplomacy.

Perhaps the Preval/UN stand against Cholera Vaccine is a cynical way to decrease the population, in an overpopulated nation.

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