Ex-mayor of Petion-Ville, P.M. Maurice Prosper arrested for embezzlement.

“I would appreciate if your column could assist Maurice by publishing what could be construed as my version of the story so that Maurice, who is an honest man, from an honorable family can be clean and resume his simple life.” Reginald Martin-

Pierre Michel Maurice Prosper was nominated to be the mayor of Petion-Ville in June 2004 under the government of Alexandre/Latortue in replacement of Rodrigue Sully Guerrier who was an elected mayor of Petion-Ville up to February 2004.
Mr. Prosper accepted the position of president of the municipal council along with two other members: Mr. Figaro Gaston and Ms. Marie-Joseph RenĂ©, MD….
The members of the Petion-ville municipal council entered Petion-Ville City hall to find it completely destroyed by previous popular manifestations of anger against the fallen Aristide regime in February 2004.
Mr. Figaro Gaston was denied some financial assistance and went on some radio station claiming that the mayor of Petion-Ville along with his fellow assessor were involved in some shady deals. These allegations brought in the inspectors of U.L.C.C. and of the CSC/CA.

The U.L.C.C. report did not divulge anything extraordinary, however the CSC/CA audit which was more extensive was submitted with a gross error: the reported revenues of the council were shown to be in the amount of 74MM Gourdes for the audited period while the figures shown on the report only added to 68MM Gourdes, thus allowing for a difference of 5.7MM Gourdes in disfavor of the council.

The addition error was promptly reported by letter to the president of the CSC/CA, Me. Arold Elie, who seemingly took notice of the fact and supposedly advised the auditors of the error.
However, when Maurice Prosper was summoned to a hearing without assistance of legal counsel at the CSC/CA he was advised that the municipal council’s books had a 5.7MM Gourdes deficiency: the exact amount of the previously reported error.
At that point, Maurice Prosper had to secure legal counsel and the case was taken to the Cour de Cassation for further examination in 2006.
Let me know what you can do about the aforementioned, it would seem to me that some people are trying to slander those who are close to Michel Martelly.
Maurice Prosper is a graduate civil engineer from a university in Mayaguez, P.R. and has worked in that capacity in Haiti and has devoted most of his adult life to the service of his country.

Reginald Martin


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5 thoughts on “Ex-mayor of Petion-Ville, P.M. Maurice Prosper arrested for embezzlement.

  1. Maurice Prosper is a good person I hope your letter is truths.

  2. It seem like a personal vendetta for things as heavy-handed as this to occur. I understand the authority even took the furnishings from his home, a man who have stature in the community.

    If there has been errors someone will pay a price excessive.

    Perhaps today’s Petion-Ville maire is behind this even as her husband was once arrested for election frauds.

  3. Figaro Gaston that call ULCC was himself involved in some shady deal and was asked not to come to City Hall anymore so he was still getting his salary but wasn’t doing any work; he demolished a n official vehicle, coming back drunk from a party in Gressier.

  4. Excellent Reginald! It takes man like you to remind the manager of this website to always double check his sources since he claims to defend the truth. They told a story about Leon Charles last week based on complete false arguments and untill now they have not publised my comments contradicting their assertion.

  5. Read the article mauricio carlos or whovever you really are. Your e-mail is a phony one.

    The reason I published the article on Maurice Prosper is because I happen to know the guy and believe he is innocent, so don’t give me any bull shit about checking my facts.

    You are probably leone Charles, playing games, since your e-mail on the comment there is not valid.

    READERS – GO TO THE LEON CHARLES WHERE ARE YOU? article to see this guy’s games.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Michael Collins
    Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 22:18:28 -0500
    Subject: Leon Charles
    To: maurico.carlos88@hotmail.com

    It is always great to see a friend stand up for someone, the way you do, and Charles is lucky to have someone so supportive. He will need friends like you, if the allegations I have received are true, and I believe they are.

    First of all, he is no longer working for the Government of Haiti. He was in the Primature, but was fired some weeks ago. I believe he was supposed to be an intelligence adviser, claiming to be a CIA operative and this was not, I am told, not true. This information comes from the Primature.

    The Americans are investigating him in the States. This came from the American embassy.

    The suggestion, of an INTERPOL involvement came from a Canadian governmental source.

    Without the knowledge of the Primature, he was a part of derailing CICC, the anti-drug unit, with a guy named Audain. These facts are known to the Primature, and the embassy, a source of CICC funding.

    As someone who spent a great deal of my earlier days, in law, I understand defamation. Should anyone wish to take action, please have them do so. The comments will prove to be more than true. Under oath the Truth has a habit of coming out.

    A substantial amount of money, money that could buy rice and beans for Haitian kids, is missing. Whether or not Leon Charles has anything to do with this is up to the various authorities to sort out. There must be no impunity for anyone, anymore, if the nation is to survive.

    Wait and see if we are not spot on, give or take a few gourdes or American dollars.

    By the way, which Haitian friends would we be lying for? We have shot at almost everyone except Sister Teresa…. with the truth.

    If you want us to publish your letter, let me know and I will place it with this reply. Out of respect for your loyalty, I have held it back.


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