Enter the 360˚ World of Vodou Healing in Haiti

About This Project: Support for Broadly in Haiti and the 360˚ filming of this project comes from Vaseline.

The 360˚ experience can be viewed in Chrome or Firefox. Or, if you are on a mobile device, click here to view on YouTube or download the YouTube app.

Six years after a devastating earthquake killed more than 160,000 people and left over a million people without a home, Haiti is still struggling to recover. Though in the heart of Port-au-Prince, priestess Katy does what she can to help heal her community with Vodou. Through her spiritual ceremonies, she provides a moment of hope and release to all in attendance.

Capturing the ceremony for first time in virtual reality, Broadly travels to Haiti to join the priestess and her followers in celebrating the spirits of the dead. Enter Katy’s holy temple for a 360-degree immersion into this powerful community ritual.

Watch Now: Meet the Vodou Priestess Summoning Healing Spirits in Post-Earthquake Haiti

How to Watch in Virtual Reality

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