Encouraging Haiti Food Survey Results + Deadline Extension


The landmark Haiti Food Security Survey has gathered data on close to 15,000 smallholder farms around the country. A heartfelt thanks to the 31 cooperatives, associations, NGOs, agribusinesses, faith groups andfoundations that have taken part to date. And for those who have not yet completed the survey–and who work with smallholder food production, community seed banks and food distribution–we have extended the deadline for online submissions to August 17th.
The Smallholder Farmers Alliance and Acceso are jointly leading the coalition behind this survey. It marks the first time that precise data on smallholder food production has been gathered on a national scale in Haiti. It is also the first time that smallholder production has been connected with both community seed banks and food distribution networks.

Our goal is to respond to Haiti’s expanding food crisis by using the data gathered as one tool to help increase smallholder food production and explore the potential for greater local procurement for food distribution.

If you haven’t already done so, please complete the survey!

Hugh Locke

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