January 25, 2015

Even as I sit here, typing this article, with no EDH or air conditioning, Education Minister Nesmy Manigat is busy working on the challenges of teaching a few millions of poor, hungry, illiterate Haitian children, in his system that sees 4500 teachers unpaid – for the past 18 months. The problem with this concept is a simple one. Minister Nesmy Manigat is – yet again – coordinating another expensive – probably $70,000 US – seminar in the comforts of Club Indigo, a place that poor Haitians will never visit, except as workers in its kitchen, or maids, cleaning the expensive rooms.

10 Seminars = $700,000 plus accommodation expenses – which would cover some of the wages for the 4500 teachers.

He doesn’t simply steal cash – like others. (Or, perhaps he does.) He “creates seminars” – “studies” and other things that can be invoiced and paid, even if they do not occur.  Keep the books straight and no one will know the difference. Take your staff along to Indigo and they will shut up.

This guy Manigat would spend $200,000 USD on a “study” to see if 1 + 1 really = 2!!

The last change of cabinet should have seen this incompetent thief replaced by someone who has an interest in our children.

We had a very popular, competent, committed minister in Vanneur Pierre. Unfortunately, he was replaced with this Manigat person, closely connected with Croissance a group that has received many spin-off benefits from their association with him.

Over the past months, Nesmy Manigat has spent a fortune, from the Ministry of Education treasury, promoting himself, like a movie star. He ha paid many journalists to generate favorable material about him. He has paid dozens of people to call in to phone radio programs, saying how much they adore Manigat and how well he is doing his job.

Come on guys!

Let’s not eat this BS!!

And, little known to others, Manigat also paid to have unfavorable pictures, and material created that was anti-Martelly. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Education is spiraling downwards, out of control with Manigat at the wheel. A fortune is being stolen, from the system, a system already strained by President Martelly’s heartfelt desire to educate each and every Haitian child.

PSUGO is in trouble.

Manigat must be removed.

Perhaps he could be switched to the Ministry of Tourism. Then he wouldn’t have to pay for his Indigo accommodation since they would probably let him stay free.

Pwomis se Det

We thought President Martelly meant this, when he sought to give a free education, to our children. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Education is a huge pool of funding, provided by foreign agencies, and from from money transfers. This is too big a temptation for the criminals in the system

Senators and Deputies line up for checks, supposed to cover projects in their districts. These projects never happen and the cash is blown on the politicians’ high life style.

Time for a forensic audit of Education Minister Nesmy Manigat’s books. Manigat should then join Brandt in the Croix des Bouquets prison. He is a greater danger to our society that the kidnappers and drug dealers.


This small child awaits – patiently – the promised food and education that will never come, because of criminals like Nesmy Manigat!! Where is his conscience??!!


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  1. A very good article Colonel Collins but it does not go far enough.

    As I understand the situation, from associates who have been involved with this ministry for years, Manigat has become involved with some massive diversions of funds. Education received tens of millions in grants and gifts from foreign governments and institutions.

    It is a natural target for Sophia Martelly, and others.

    Follow the money trail to the real criminals who steal the childrens’ future.

  2. Manigat et Lucien Francouer, Secrétaire général de la Primature ont une sorte de deal. Ils sont ensemble souvent et Francouer a les chéquiers PSUGO.

  3. President Martelly really meant his promise of an education. He didn’t realise the size of the problem or lack of resources available. Takes years to train a teacher. PSUGO a great idea but saw Phantom Schools creted to steal money. Also saw students from good, real schools, being switched to PSUGO things where there is no education offered.

  4. Interesting.
    This is the person who coordinated all anti-Martelly propaganda, photos, etc from Dominican Republic during elections. Now he is with Martelly. Amazing too.

  5. And now Nesmy Manigat sees himself in bigger shoes, perhaps as Prime Minister or even in competitor with Sophia for President.

  6. J’aime Indigo. Je vais travailler avec l’éducation pour rien si je peux participer aux séminaires.

  7. Francois Duvalier n’aurait jamais toucher des fonds de l’éducation. qu’il allait tuer ceux qui le font. Viv Duvalier !

  8. These defects occur because Ministers are not managed adequately. The Wednesdays TV shows were entertainment but did little to control wrongs. Primature staff weak and unfocused. more interest in personal projects and per diem than serving our Premier Ministre. We deserved better and more from these functionaires.

  9. Nesmy Manigat now attacks the teachers on radio. Shame on him. His management holds the blame. He is a simple thief who knows no limitation. He must surrender his stolen dollars and go to prison. Americans should take his visa.

  10. These seminars could be held in the Minister’s big conference room, or his smaller executive conference room. Rice and beans, with chicken or griot, could be catered from the street merchants outside his barrier.

    The man has no shame.

  11. PWOMIS SE DET has really become no promise at all. It just allowed a fortune generated to fill pockets of criminals including those we should trust. Lamothe was PM and should monitor action. How much doe his pockets contain?

  12. Nou dwe sonje ke yon kle moun Croissance nan yon kle. Lamothe gen konfyans.

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