Ecuador unveils “Haiti Plaza” in capitol Quito

Le panaméricanisme de Pétion ressenti en Équateur

Une place à Quito(Équateur) dédiée en l’honneur de deux héros de l’indépendance d’Haiti
Unveiling ceremony at Haiti Plaza

Unveiling ceremony at Haiti Plaza
QUITO, Ecuador ( – Ecuador unveiled on Wednesday two statues in the square of its capitol city, Quito. They are of two Haitian forefathers, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti’s first Head of State and Alexandre Pétion, Haiti’s second Head of State and Father of Pan-Americanism.
The new Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lener Renauld, took part in the inauguration ceremony held at the “Haiti Plaza”.

Haitian-Ecuadorian soldiers at the Haiti 1804 Statue, Plaza Haiti, Quito, Ecuador

Jean Jacques Dessalines bust

Alexandre Pétion bust
Three statues in total were erected in the square dedicated to Haiti. The third statue was of a flame, with the inscription “Haiti 1804”.
“This inauguration is the result of a good history of cooperation and friendship between the two countries,” said Minister Renauld.
Following this inauguration, the Chancellor left Ecuador for Uruguay where he must represent Haiti at the UN Conference on Human Rights held in Montevideo.

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