Dominican officials say ex-official in Haiti plot-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Fox News:SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic –  The justice minister in the Dominican Republic has accused a former military officer of involvement in an alleged plot to destabilize the government of neighboring Haiti.

Radhames Jimenez says retired army Col. Pedro Julio Goico has been caught on a recorded telephone conversation instructing a Haitian accomplice to help discredit Haiti President Michel Martelly, and ultimately force him from office. Jimenez declined to discuss a potential motive or to say whether he is pursuing criminal charges.

Jimenez disclosed the alleged plot at a news conference Thursday with Haitian Justice Minister Michel Brunache.

Goico was an aide to former Dominican President Hipolito Mejia. The former president on Friday denied the existence of any plot and called the allegations absurd.


The Martelly government does not need outside help to discredit it.

People like Thierry Mayard-Paul and other members of the Martelly inner circle are managing that quite well. Mayard-Paul stole millions, within his first month as Interior Minister.
Martelly gave his son $1,000,000 to open an office, even though the third rate musician has not official position in the government.

Martelly’s wife, and ex-USAID employee tells everyone she is the real president of Haiti and controls all reconstruction dossiers.

Martelly and his cousin Max Bellerive have already skimmed $34,000,000 from contracts with Dominican Senator Bautista.

So what will a few derogatory efforts by some ex-colonel from the DR going to do?

Martelly is his own worst enemy and will be the cause of his government’s collapse, even as people wish he would succeed. To succeed, he will have to dump his insiders and they will never allow this.


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