Diplomatic passport issued to Jean-Claude Duvalier

Haiti - Politic : Diplomatic passport issued to Jean-Claude Duvalier

After the controversial conclusions of the Closing Order, of the Judge Jean Carves, last January, which had dropped the charges for human rights violations against former President Duvalier, and lifted the restriction of displacement, the Haitian authorities have issued a new diplomatic passport to former president Jean-Claude Duvalier, who can now travel freely…

This information was confirmed by Judge Jean Carves, responsible for investigating the case of the former President, “I know a diplomatic passport was issued to him,” and Me Me Reynold George, one of the lawyer of J.C. Duvalier “Yes he has a diplomatic passport.”

However, recall that Judge Carvès, in his Closing Order, had recommended that J.C. Duvalier, suspected of having embezzled from 1971 to 1986, between 300 and 800 million dollars, be prosecuted in criminal court for embezzlement of public funds. The lawyers of the former President had then appealed this decision. “Baby Doc” [which risk 5 years in prison if convicted], is awaiting the decision of the Court of Appeal.

Concerning the charges of financial crimes, to which is faced his client, Me Reynold George, affirmed “I can assure you that President Duvalier will be cleared of all false charges against him.”


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