Dionald Polyte, enforcer with OPERATION BAGHDAD

July 29, 2011

Dionald Polyte the recently dead deputy was not Mr Nice Guy. He and his two security people had been assassins with Aristide’s terrorist Operation Baghdad during which over 700 people were killed, including several dozen policemen. Four of these policemen were beheaded. Many citizens were kidnapped. Even when ransom was paid, the victims were often tortured, raped and murdered. One small child was killed, after her parents paid a ransom. He eyes were sent to her parents, neatly wrapped in a handkerchief.

The Nation was held to ransom.

He and INITE stole his seat in parliament during the November 28, 2010 election with the FRONT candidate should have won.

So several circles were closed with the death of Dionald Polyte.

Justice delayed is still Justice.


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  1. Polyte was killed by INITE for reasons that will become apparent sooner

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