Diaspora-Miami is preparing to receive the program «Gouvenman An Lakay Ou»

Haiti - Diaspora : Miami is preparing to receive the program «Gouvenman An Lakay Ou»

Following its participation in the 8th edition of the program « Gouvènman an Lakay ou » in Anse-à-Veau, the Head of Mission of the Consulate General of Haiti in Miami, Stéphane Gilles, accompanied by the Consul Natalie Fourcand, in order to prepare the 9th edition of the program that will stop soon in Miami Saturday, July 19 in Miami [originally planned June 21], the Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti held earlier this week a preparatory meeting with the leaders of the Community to the Gwen Margolis Community Center as a prelude to the coming of the 9th edition of “Gouvenman An Lakay Ou” in Miami.

The purpose of this meeting was to allow the personalities of the Haitian Community in Miami to identify the major challenges faced by the Diaspora. After welcoming remarks by the Consul Stéphane Gilles, the moderator Mrs. Guylène Ms. Berry asked participants to reflect on three main issues: the concerns of the Community, the problems they encounter when they travel to Haiti and suggested solutions.

The Consulate General was very pleased with the participation of the Community to this important meeting. The main difficulties identified during these discussions will be on the agenda during the “Gouvenman Lakay Ou Lan Miyami” conference, which the Martely-Lamothe Government is organizing in Miami at the end of the month of July 19, to allow a better understanding and better integration of the Diaspora in the political, social and economic life of our country.

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