Clifford Brandt in handcuffs ! What a disgrace for the Brandt Family ! (Haiti News Report)

Oct 23, 2012
Clifford Brandt, son of the wealthy Fritz Brandt and a member of one of Haiti’s richest families, in handcuffs, accused of participating in a large kidnapping ring in Haiti.

According to Haiti news reports, Clifford Brandt reportedly admitted his involvement in several kidnappings including the October 16, 2012 kidnapping of the Moscoso children – Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso.

Clifford Brandt is the managing director of Mazda dealership in Delmas Haiti.

“His activity, says Secretary of Public Security, Reginald Delva, “was to come to Haiti from his home in Miami, collect the ransom monies from his kidnapping enterprise in Haiti “–

In a broadcast Haiti interview, Haiti State Secretary of Public Security, Reginald Delva interviewed by Gary Pierre Paul for Scoop FM maintains that documents show Clifford Brandt demanded U.S. $2.5 million for the release of the two Moscoso children. This is an on-going investigation. Reports indicate a list of folks Clifford Brandt’s kidnapping ring had pinpointed to kidnap for the Christmas season.

Sources confirm that this well-connected mafia ring has been in operation for some time wreaking havoc in Haiti.

Many Haiti observers question whether the weak Haiti justice system will be bought out by the Brandt family, as its one of the most prominent families in Haiti where justice is oftentimes for sale. The Brandts’ friends include some of Haiti’s most powerful neocolonial corporate enemies whose many transnational businesses they give a Haiti subcontractor face to and mostly export all accumulated capital out, impoverishing Haiti, paying no taxes or tariffs.


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39 thoughts on “Clifford Brandt in handcuffs ! What a disgrace for the Brandt Family ! (Haiti News Report)

  1. Ten million of Haitians in Haiti, plus one million of Haitians in Dominican Republic and four millions of Haitians in the “diaspora” overseas are following this case very closely for any sign of differential treatment.
    We expect that the Haitian Televisions and the printed media will show Mr.Clifford Brandt pictures,his accomplices pictures and treat them the same way they treated the sons and daughters of Dessalines at Citee Soleil and Bel Air.
    Let’s hope this time there are no replay of German warships en route to Haiti like during the Emile Lüders affairs on On December 6, 1897 since those guys hold foreign passports and view themselves as superior to the rest of the population.

  2. should be reporting facts, not motivating the masses to believe hearsay. This individual is at fault, not the family. This is unfair to the family and their “reputation.” Leading readers to believe that the family is involved and behind the act of “impoverishing Haiti” is pure defamation. Stick to the facts and stick to the criminal.

    1. G D M
      Your comment is not accurate. was the FIRST, and the ONLY news group to tell anyone about this even occurring. All that we stick to is the facts, no matter the situation.

      You should really be asking where in the hell all of the other supposed NEWS groups in Haiti were? What was holding them back from reporting on this?

      Why is it that everyone else was silent, when it really matters the most?

      Hearsay? This individual that you are defending OPENLY ADMITTED, AND OUTLINES HIS PROLONGED INVOLVEMENT IN THIS CRIMINAL KIDNAPPING RING. On video tape, no less.

      What is the problem with mentioning that this criminal of horrific proportions comes from one of the wealthiest families in Haiti? He does-and that is a fact. He has brought their family name a great shame, and that is a fact as well.

  3. I wonder if this piece of shit is responsible for the kidnapping of my family members. One never came back, and the other was so violently treated while they had her imprisoned.

    This man should die-slowly. Put a weight on him, and let it crush him over the length of time it takes to starve to death.

    And FUCK his family. They created this monster….

  4. The Rich and powerful has always done what they want in Haiti if the kids that was kidnap was not of a rich family it would not be news. Let me see the Reporter do some real work Mr. Josue Pierre Louis that is in Mr. Marteley Administration right now have a young woman name Joanne Chery Arrested and she have been in jail for almost a year because she refuse to sleep with him. This story is very troubleling her family spend all the money they had. Mr. Pierre Louis tell any Judge that release her will lose their jobs. Mr Pierre Louis and other people put together had her husband kill and now they have her in jail for no reason. She have three young kids. Why don’t some reporter look in to this story ask some questions and get Mr Josue Pierre Louis to answer some tough questions. Go to Petit Goave talk to her family. Mr Pierre Louis use to be this Girl teacher he should not be able to do these kind of things. Someone ask the question someone that would do these kind of things should not be serving in the Government

  5. Why are they bringing his wealth into this mess for? A crime is a crime period. Now, treat him like a criminal, and put his wealth on the side tuipppppppppppppp.

  6. Depuis qu’ils se sont débarrasses de tous les gens instruits d’Haïti, Brandt a besoin de trouver ses ravisseurs de le representer devant le tribunal, en plus de Mr. Delatour.

  7. Justice for those who had been kidnapped. justice for Haiti. These people(kidnappers)destryed the country with the kidnapping . They made everyone afraid to travel to that country to vidit or invested, so they can be the only one who control, killing, and destroy Haiti. Enough is enough, The Haitian government should take this matter very serious. Who knows how long they been doing that. Does anyone knows how many lives and families the kidnappers destroyed? Friends, families coworkers classmates has to find a way to pay an other to save a life . Haitian government should stop any member of Brant family to travel, take over they business, also freeze their account until future notice

  8. Yes we should bring their wealth to this mess. Who knows how long they been doing this. Haven’t anyone realize how these people destroy the entire Haiti. I know that Some Haitian are “ti soussou,vissie, vole parey yo pral pran lajan an kachete nan men fanmiy Brant pou yo lague malandren an” se la ke nou pral we kaka ki pral gaye an Haiti. They should arrested all his entourage, partner, and freeze all his account including the one overseas. Charge them $ 5 trillions for damaging our contry.

  9. Cela fait montre que dans le temps on a intéressé seulement avec les gens moins aisés et le contraire s’est fais rire aux autres qui n’en fait croire que les gens de la famille ne pouvait être.

  10. this for the people who think that the kids made it on the news because people believe they are from a prominent family. The only reason the kids made it to the news is because the case was big, and it involved a wealthy business owner being involved in kidnapping. Also, it was an opportunity to show what the police have done to get the kids back. Small lime light for the cops, who have said to be corrupt for so many years. To think that the wealthy would be involved in such criminal acts is digusting. Money is obviously a source, that makes those weak at heart, greedy and cruel.

  11. Some have misunderstood my comments.

    I am saddened by the shame this has brought on th entire Brandt family.

    I am also saddened by the fact that this crime – with the claim that at least 5 other elite family members are involved – saddens me in that the entire structure of Haiti has forever been damaged/destroyed by the cats of a greedy few.

    I am acquainted with the Brandt family and knew Clifford Sr. who I liked and respected. I know many of the other members of this family, a family with important roots in Haiti’s development.

    We were the first to report this crime, as other Haitian media people stuck their heads in the ground.

    The fact that Clifford Brandt admits to the crime and named other members of our elite, as fellow gang members, was troubling.

    He also mentioned that some 20 branches of a bank were involved with the kidnap team. These branches would give information of people accounts or, of a more immediate nature, alert co-conspirators of cash withdrawals to the client could be intercepted, and robbed – sometimes killed. Was this SOGEBANK or UNIBANK or both?

    Strangely, the other four members of the so-called elite – who were reported as arrested have disappeared from the radar. They have probably benefited from the Impunity present in Haiti’s system.

    We see Aristide, Preval and Jude Celestin avoid any criminal responsibility for a number of murders committed by their associate Amaral Duclona, now in a French prison. The French have asked for the extradition of Aristide, but this has been refused.

    Impunity – not Cholera – is the final fatal disease that will kill Haiti.

  12. When Brandt was arrested I heard that 2 Vorbes, one Handal, a Cols a Larouge and Lebrun were arrested but this could just be gossips. Gossip is dangerous in Haiti since you do not know the truth and justice a truthfully blind.

  13. si sé mwen ki té fè action sa yo ta gétan maré Grenn mwen longtemp.

    m’parié avec nou; ti chien brandt sa ap payé his way out of this.

    la police national, juge ect… pi fò nèg sa yo sé ti Grangou,ti sousou yo yé!

    yo ta vann manman yo pou jé krévé.

    haiti poko ap konnin sa ki rélé jistis la pou yon lòt bon temp ankò.

    jézi a gétan tounin a calson et pantallon cette foi si avan sa fèt.

  14. Justice for everyone who has been kidnapped in haiti. A law suit should be conducted against Brandt right away for the kidnapping victims in haiti.

  15. Mais amis quelle honte. Mwen sezi wi. Esperons que la justice se fera entendre.

  16. Se pou nou fout boule yo. Dat mwen bezwen rantre nan peyi’m. Boule kaka-a.

  17. there. However, those Haitians work so hard over seas to support their family as well as those who live in Haiti and who are making business there. This criminal should not think Haiti belongs to him only. He has his car dealers and factories there to enrich himself. In spite of that, he wants to kill all Haitians for their money. Shame on him! Hey,let Haiti prosper like every other country. STOP THE KILLING IN HAITI! !. I wish papa was alive to deal with you. Justice will Prevail… And God is on Haiti’s side.

  18. I completely agree with freezing the account but not just his but the whole family not because I think that they are involved but it’s just what is right as part of the investigation. I understand that their are a lot of backdoor income but meaning( no receipts) but we all can differ. If they have nothing to fear, they should be cooperative to repair the damage done to the name thanks to “Mr. MC Fly”. Everyone has to prove their means of income in Haiti and their income/ tax report here in the states. People are treating this case like any other case but it is not, Kidnapers steal, they cheat the system, traumatize victims, kill if not paid on time. A kidnapper has
    no heart, no soul, it’s business and in their mind business is business!!! God knows why he geared me away from politics and justices because I am implacable.

  19. I think the government will put him in jail for sometimes, since this is between 2 rich families. The Mocosso have their eyes on that.


  21. When you look at the poor and the panhandler in Haiti, they have more dignity than WHO CAN MAKE IT THERE they do not have a house to live not a job, no food, etc. They can sustain all kind of bad moments. They just keep going on days after days and years after years through the same calamity. YOU… HAVE SOME HEART OR COMPASSION. STOP DESTROY THE HAITIANS.

  22. Joel on October 27, 2012 at 7:23 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    When you look at the poor and the panhandler in Haiti, they have a lot of dignity. They have no house to live in, no job, no food, etc. They sustain all kind of bad moments. They just keep going on days after days and years after years. Its unbelievable! HAVE SOME COMPASSION FOR HAITI, STOP THE DESTRUCTION, BE A GOOD PATRIOT and REBUILT HAITI. PEACE!

  23. this man will be free in few months remenber haiti forget what duvalier did to the nation they take him back and i’m sure he gets money from that asskisser michelle martelie asshole. fuck haiti i don’t even want to dream of that shithole call haiti

  24. les familles bourgeoise de la soit disant classe d’elite d’ayiti pour la plupart se plaisent a pietiner les plus vulnerable et finalement se dechirent entre eux, quel avenir pour nos jeunes desheriter, les laisser pour compte, shame on you, and all the family, cause you raised him, il a seulement agi plus violemment que vous agissez au quotidien, il a seulement mis au grand jour ce que vous vous plaisez a faire dans le noir, allez au diable vous tous et vos acrolites, allez et brulez en enfer si ca vous chante.

  25. This is a reply to Michael Collins,
    You are saddened by the shame THIS has brought to the Brandt family. THIS = the Brandt family. No one did this to the Brandt family, the Brandt family did THIS to the Brandt family.

    The apple cannot fall to far from the tree.

  26. This is so sad! I hope that all parties involved in this kidnapping ring are brought to justice. I also hope this will garner enough global media attention so that the Brundt family isn’t left with a simple slap on the wrist. I am not surprised that one of haiti’s most affluent families is at the center of this and although they have kidnapped many children, I’m saddened that it took the kidnapping of children from another affluent family for us to get to the bottom of this. Let’s hope this arrest forces the Haitian government and its constituents to implement reformed strategies and solutions to this kidnapping situation.

  27. Mr. president Michel J. M.i think you start doing some good job, but i would like to see, what kind of punishment for this criminal (master mind) will and up with. Its about time now justice for Haitian people, Mr. president this case its not only Haitian, its worlwide. We need to add deaph penalty in the Constitution, i think this criminal deserved more than a deaph. Clifford Brandt gives all the information that you can,et monster

  28. And also i think, he has peoples who work for him, inside the Miami Florida, special from the bank, and airline ticket.

  29. I would love to hear what the commander in chief (the president) have to say about this crap!!!
    Yes they should freeze the family’s account and investigate and you will be amaze to see who participated on doing what. Nothing is what it seems. Y do u think mr. Brant is confessing so easily? It’s a lot worse than we can imagine. He will only confess to what he think will come out anyway. I’m sure they had a meeting before his arrest to program everything. If I know how Rich Haitians operate, Mr. Clifford will disappear in thin air.

  30. Comme. l’a dit. le pére moscoso “il a seulement agi plus violemment que vous agissez au quotidien, il a seulement mis au grand jour ce que vous vous plaisez a faire dans le noir”
    Un tres bon sujet pour le prochain film en Haití

  31. when you’re that rich in a poor country like haiti and you doing shit like this they should execute the asshole like they did to sadam housen. M an exemple out of his stupid rich ass. money can’t buy you moral or dignity. execute the mother fucker after he tells the nation how many people he killed. don’t let him buy his way out of jail. They should also make the family pay for all the people he killed who knows how long his been doing this? the rich want haiti the way it is so they can do whatever they want.

  32. La tragedie haitienne est une tragedie revolutionne de 1804 a echoue et c’est pourquoi la classe dominante haitienne a pris la place des colons pour faire toute sorte de mechancete aux peuple haitien. Les vrais fils du pays se sont enfouis loin et on a connu beacoup d’humiliationschez nous comme ailleurs. Les grands mamans sont violes par leurs enfants sous la haute pression de la classe dominante. Et je pense aujourd’hui , la corrupion est tellment forte , beaucoup de personne qui ont le leadearship et travaillent au profit de la classe bourgeoise . Ou allons nous?

  33. Quelle honte pour le le pays le plus pauvre du monde et on compte des millions en dessous des bas. Bourgeis pays vos taxes et arretez de faire souffrir les fils d’haiti, le pays vous a fait du bien.

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