Clifford Brandt Dossier

Nicolas and Coralie Moscoso found handcuffed and blindfolded in abandoned home

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Calixte Delatour, counsel for Clifford Brandt, rejects accusations of kidnapping against his client. Delatour is indignant that the authorities have not taken care to specify the reasons for the detention of his client, and says they have not taken the facts into account.

Mr. Delatour ensured that his client was not involved in a kidnapping but made a poor decision in trying to settle an account with the Moscosos.

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In Haiti removal, “enlevman” – in French/Creole, is not kidnapping, Delatour said recalling that the kidnappers had not realized their plans to ransom.

This scenario puzzles in application to Clifford Brandt, a businessman, and member of one of the richest families in Haiti.

Delatour dismisses reports of ransom demanded in exchange for the release of the two hostages. Lawyer for Clifford Brandt expressed his resentment in the wrong way but was not involved in a kidnapping, Delatour said.

Calixte Delatour opposes any confusion between the concept of “enlevman” and kidnapping, arguing that we must specify the charges. There is no synonym, he said adding that obviously there was some reckoning that was done.

“The judge’s duty is to return to his true skills,” said Delatour.

Asked about the plan to assassinate, as accused by the Secretary of State for Public Security, Reginald Delva. Mr. Delatour argued that an investigation should disprove the interest of his client to commit a such a crime.

Delatour continues to reject in repetition that the accusations, of kidnapping or removal are not in any case identical. Defense lawyers are expecting expenses of the court to be paid by the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince.

Police spokesman Frantz Lerebours, said the case will be sent in the best time to judicial authorities. Video was released late Wednesday of what appears to be a rescue operation of the two hostages.

Authorities say Brandt has cooperated in telling officers the location of the two Moscosos.


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