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chantal M. Elie

2012/10/30 at 5:31 pm

To whom it may concern,

A friend living all the way in Germany called me to let me know that my name was used in one of your articles. I had to go check and surprisingly it was true! I see that you have quoted me on your article, but I am NOT a journalist. I do tweet informations from reliable sources as I receive them, that does not make me a journalist! I am simply a political analyst concerned about change and development in our beloved Haiti.

You have to be careful with what you publish, especially that it is a very sensitive subject and quoting me as a journalist without verifying is absolutely wrong and unprofessional. I would appreciate that my name be removed from your article considering I am not a journalist and have never pretended to be one. Many people around the world tweet information they receive, but that doesn’t make them journalists….

Thank you!

Chantal M. ELIE

My Dear Chantal

We haven’t claimed that you are anything and didn’t know of your existence until you wrote this reply to an article we published. It is an article written by Margaret Laurent so she must be someone you Tweeted, or whatever you do. We aren’t into Facebook or Tweets, twitters or whatever. We aren’t likely to e-mail, tweet or whatever you do, with Laurent.

We don’t really have the author on our Christmas list, however, we are pledged to giving all sides some exposure, even the idiot Kim Ives who spouts a continuous pile of pro-Aristide garbage.

So would all of our thousands of visitors take note that Chantal is not a journalist.

She is a political analyst.



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4 thoughts on “CHANTAL. M. ELIE

  1. Actually we had people in 134 nations visit our site last month with a huge peak in contacts around October 24 with the Clifford Brandt affair.

    Perhaps our articles brought some sanity to an unfortunate situation as a few fools tried to play Hollywood games.

    The entire affair must be investigated, by unbiased people, and all of those involved exposed, no matter what their family, or political associations might be.

    If an honest, balanced approach is used, we might be surprised at the outcome.

    There are no angels in this game.

    As Jesus once said : “Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone…”

    In Haiti there would be no stones in the air.

  2. They should investigate Stanley Handal Dimitri Vorbe and others for some guilt they might hide.

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