September 25, 2014

At 1 A.M. Thursday morning, armed men invaded the Delmas 65 residence of Arnel Belizaire, who was away, at the time. His mother and sister were present   but were unharmed.

Loading their loot into two vehicles, the bandits took everything of value – weapons, dossiers, TV sets, etc. They were interrupted by a PNH officer who lives nearby and dropped two M-14s with silencers and scopes as they rushed to escape.

Residents report a lot of heavy gunfire as the incident took place.

With the expiry of Parliament, in January, 2015, Arnel Belizaire will lose his immunity and face arrest/imprisonment for his previous, and current crimes.

He is a murderer, thief, and drug smuggler.

This is one of the Preval/Aristide generated problems that face the Martelly/Lamothe government in its effort to bring stability to Haiti.

So much for Democracy!!


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  1. In an interview Belizaire’s sister claims that the thieves knew exactly where the important items were hidden.

  2. Ties in with report some months ago concerning Belizaire purchase/smuggling of M-14s from DR to Haiti.

  3. These are part of the 54 AR-14s reported to have been acquired by Belizaire, in the Dominican Republic, during the latter part of 2013.

    These couldn’t be acquired without the knowledge of the DR’s military.

    They were stored in a small town, next to the border, until the crossed into Haiti in April, 2014.

    A Dominican soldier named Patrico was at the border and assisted. He is still there.

    When Parliament expires, in January 2014, Belizaire, the escaped convict, must be returned to jail.

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