November 24, 2012

Details of motivation for recent kidnap of small child and murder of his uncle in Jacmel have been released.

It seems as the Agronome Patrice Etienne  withdrew a large sum of cash from a bank.  The kidnappers  demanded that exact amount when the broke into his home. When he did not produce this, they killed him and kidnapped the child.

It does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that the bank through its staff is complicit in the crime. There have been countless cases, in the past, where UNIBANK and SOGEBANK clients have been intercepted, outside the banks, after withdrawing large sums of money.

Some have been murdered as was the case of a foreign ONG representative who withdrew  several thousands from a UNIBANK, by the airport, only to be intercepted a short distance away.

This indicates complicity of someone in the bank. It might not indicate collusion on the part of management or executive, but the frequency of these problems could not be missed by those running the banks.

We have spoken to cashiers, from a major bank, who are expected to take so much, from large accounts, each and every day, in the belief that the account holder will never notice. If they do, the bank apologizes and replaces the funds.

A bank examiner told us of one occasion when a lady staff member took $50,000 from an illiterate drug dealers account, assuming he would not miss it.

He did.

The bank apologized and replaced his funds… with $50,000 from someone else’s account. The second account holder never noticed the shortage and the criminals kept the original $50,000.

There has been absolutely no control of the Haitian banking community. One can hardly expect a Central Bank  to be any better, when it was complicit with Rene Preval’s massive $198,000,000 pillage of Petro Caribe Funds.  It must also be complicit in the three questionable contracts given to Senator Bautista, of the Dominican Republic, a deal that supposedly saw Prime Minister Bellerive – Martelly’s cousin – make millions.  As a side issue, Martelly got a few millions – himself – from Bautista – when he should have been cancelling the contracts and arresting his cousin, Preval and all others involved.

The rot in Haiti starts at its tail and ends with Martelly.

It will be difficult to save Haiti from itself.


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  1. My brother-in-law was robbed in UNIBANK’s approaches in Petionville after taking money from his account.

  2. UNIBANK is the worst, caus e I got shot with 2 bullets in July 2010 coming from UNIBANK located in Ave John Brown not far from Ave M.L KIng.
    I,ve been asked for the exact amount……

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