Archbishop of Miami returns from Haiti-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

MIAMI (WSVN) — Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski has returned to Miami after a week-long mission trip to Haiti.

The archbishop led Haiti’s faith in Catholic mass and took part in recovery efforts. “I think in 2011, I think you’ll see it, hopefully, better than we have it now. Progress in Haiti is not done by giant steps, it’s done by small steps,” said Wenski.

Many Haitians are still living in tent cities following the massive earthquake which rocked their country earlier this year. Officials are focusing efforts on building permanent shelters for those who were displaced.



Officials aren’t focusing on anything, other than what they will have for lunch.

Everything is dead in the water.

We are starting to sink beyond the low point of the January 12 quake.

Even the carpetbaggers, who flooded Haiti, like a bunch of vultures, looking for big dollar contracts…prepared to pay whatever kick-backs Preval and his team demanded…have left the country. They realize that Preval has no intention of doing anything positive.

The immediate barometer of this reality is seen in occupancy rates of surviving hotels. Up until 10 days ago, all of the rooms were filled and the overflow was being spread to local people, trying to pay their mortgages, with bed and breakfast operations.
There were too many people for what was available. Many were sharing rooms with others.

Now the hotels are empty and the people, hoping for a few dollars to pay mortgages, after their real businesses were destroyed on January 12, are becoming worried about what lies ahead.

The Nation is afraid.

Preval is relaxed as he plots his moves to create an insecure situation that will preclude a vote for the presidency.


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