April 15, 2014

In spite of a large cash investment and an investment of reputation by Milrlande MOO Manigat, Newton St. Juste, Moise Jean-Charles, Andre Michel and a host of others, the April 15 turn out was a fizzle.

The manifestation failed!

With a stretch of the imagination, there might have been 1500 – 2000 people involved which shows the per person price to be exorbitant. Many must have accepted payment and stayed at home.

However, the Martelly/Lamothe government cannot ignore the dangers of an ongoing, and expanding effort by opposition groups – with no constructive suggestions as to how things can be improved – to destabilize the Haitian scene.

The coordination of radio support – via propaganda – shows that there was a good deal of money available to bribe the broadcasters. The assault was carefully thought out and is merely the first shot in what will become an ongoing process, over the coming months.

By mid-July, when it becomes obvious that elections will not be held, and the promise of free schooling remains a myth…. Magnified by rising prices and growing food shortages…… the opposition – with no valid suggestions – will present a danger to the Nation’s stability.

We are entering a dangerous period.


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  1. You are wrong.

    It did not fail.

    The numbers mean nothing as the opposition builds for the future. Yesterday’s manifestation was a more malevolent one than usual, even though the numbers were small.

    The opposition does not wish to topple Martelly. The opposition is building a base for when he departs. Then they will be prepared to take control.

    Camille Leblanc is working to build a coalition.

    The aim is removal of Laurent Lamothe, as Prime Minister. The Senate will accept anyone in his place…”Even Roro Nelson,” as one Senator said yesterday.

    There is a plan to use education as a weapon against the government with Allison Llera as a focal point. Haitian educators maintain that she has absolutely no experience to support her role in Haitian education. The attack will focus on the handling, or mishandling of PSUGO funding for which there has not been any sort of plan or accounting.

    The upcoming examinations will be a fiasco and this will start the war.

    Haitians, all Haitians, take education of their children seriously. When they realize Martelly’s promise is an empty one you will have the elements for an explosion.

  2. MOO Manigat, Mouse Jean-Charles, Fig-Newton are garbages.

  3. The new Ministre is married to Croissance so there is bias here that could threat to Martelly pledge for good education. Kesner Roro Pharel looks to make dollars with his friend Manigat. Haiti suffers more yet again.

  4. I knew Allison in Miami.
    She couldn’t find a job.
    Now she is a queen in Haiti.

  5. I did not observe Mirlande Manigat marching amongst the manifestation. Leaders speak on radio but miss an appearance in public.

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