Alcee Hastings slams Tea Party, Refuses to Debate Opponent

TAMARAC, FL, USA – Yesterday Bernard Sansaricq sent out a press release urging congressman Alcee Hastings to accept an invitation to debate. The debate was to be sponsored by the Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party, a non-partisan group.

Sansaricq accepted the invitation immediately, but within the day Alcee Hastings had rejected the request.

In a letter to the Tea Party group Hastings belittled the group’s size and intended audience. Hastings repeatedly noted that the group’s size was 41 members, even though there is no official group membership, and their e-mail list exceeds 1200 individuals. Hastings described the group as and potential attendees as belonging to the ” ‘party of me.’ “

“It is the ultimate insult. Not only does he refuse to listen to us in Washington, but also to take our questions in a time of elections. ” said Jack Gillies, one of the leaders of the Tea Party Ft. Lauderdale. “It is obvious that he is afraid to put his platform head to head with a formidable opponent like Bernard Sansaricq.”

Danita Kilcullen, the founder of the Tea Party group, was offended by the tone of the letter. “He had the audacity to quote Ronald Reagan and ask us if we were better off than we were four years ago. Well, I want to ask him, are we better off than we were 18 years ago? How about just 18 months ago?”

Sansaricq reiterated that he is ready to debate Hastings at any time “I will clear my schedule, and meet Alcee in front of any group, anywhere in the district.”

Hastings is an impeached federal judge, and has been listed as one of the 5 most corrupt politicians in America.

About Bernard Sansaricq

Bernard Sansaricq is Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress District 23 seat and former president of the Haitian Senate.

Bernard Sansaricq is a competent action leader who is superbly qualified, intelligent and has an impeccable record.  He is currently finishing his second book on international affairs.

Bernard Sansaricq is married to Alejandra Jimenez de Sansaricq and is the father of 4 grown children. Sandra, Pascale, Monique, and Nicole. Bernard and his family have lived in South Florida for 25 years, where he works in the residential real estate profession. He is fluent in French, English, Creole and Spanish.
More information about Sansaricq and his campaign can be found on his website,  This site includes biographical information about Bernard and his position on many of the important issues affecting the 23rd District.
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3 thoughts on “Alcee Hastings slams Tea Party, Refuses to Debate Opponent

  1. Haha, this is such a stupid article. I’m sorry, Alcee does not have to debate some crazy tea partier if he doesn’t want to. Get over it. If Sansaricq has the right policies, let the people know and see who wins. You guys sound like a bunch of pathetic children. You make me ashamed to be Haitian.

    1. If you think this article is stupid, then write to Hastings instead. His campaign wrote it. Insulting us by calling us pathetic children is something that you should be ashamed of. Perhaps you are ashamed of being Haitian because you are rude and belligerent. Apologizing before insulting someone is childish. Either you have the balls to criticize, or you don’t.

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