Aid cargo sits unused in Haitian customs lot-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

(NECN/CNN: Port-au-Prince, Haiti) – In the main harbor of Port-au-Prince, where life-saving supplies are shipped in from around the world, there is a hold put on many pieces of aid sent to help in the relief effort.

Relief agencies claim the cargo is purposely being delayed from reaching its targeted relief area, but the customs director blames failed paperwork on the part of multiple charities.

“People need to have a minimum of respect for the rules,” Haitian Director of Customs Jean-Jacques Valentin said. “The buildings may have collapsed, but the law is still there.”

Sitting unused in the customs lot were two Red Cross vehicles used as waste trucks to deal with sanitation, a road-building machine and an ambulance, among other cargo. Doctors Without Borders said 20 of its vehicles were locked up in customs for three months before being released.

“Doctors Without Borders knows what they need to do. They’re an organization of high esteem. Why would we want to block them?” Valentin said. “If we wanted to block aid, there wouldn’t be so much aid that come through since the earthquake.”

Many charity groups are afraid to speak out publicly for fear of even tougher customs treatment.

Ed Joseph is a representative for the relief organizations in Haiti, and he said many of the group have waited weeks for vehicles, medical supplies, crutches, mattresses and bedding.

Doctors without borders said they spent $126,000 for rental cars because they could not wait so long for their cars to clear customs. Valentin would not reply to charges that the government was trying to make money of the volunteer relief agencies.

“They don’t make any sense. The government does not own rental shops,” he said.

He said he does not make the laws, simply enforces them. And he said he must look out for illegal businesses posing as charities.

“You just can’t arrive with a container and be waived through,” Valentin said.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman reports.



The  ongoing  blocking of aid material is criminal and is coordinated by criminals who do not care for their Haitian brothers, or the rule of law.

The customs disaster  has been created on the direct orders of President Preval. He is hoping to use the insecurity and dissent, created by this action, to generate conditions that will justify canceling November’s elections.

He has a partner, in this criminal enterprise at the head of MINUSTAH, Edmund Mulet who has already said there will be no elections …because of insecurity or technical reasons. Mulet has already created the excuses even though the ailment does not exist yet.


“People need to have a minimum of respect for the rules,” Haitian Director of Customs Jean-Jacques Valentin said. “The buildings may have collapsed, but the law is still there.”

This, and the rest of the article is complete and unadulterated Bull Shit!!

Valentin is a long-term criminal in  the Haitian customs structure.  He has become a multi…multi millionaire from the illegal proceeds he has generated because of his position.

The International Community knows what is going on and should take the simple step of canceling visas for anyone who so obviously blocks badly needed aid. This stoppage is effectively destroying the Nation.

There should be no impunity – as is the Haitian custom – for criminals who have worked to damage national interest.

Remember those who have worked to kill Haitians.

This debt must be settled after the Preval administration disappears.


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