President Michel Martelly presented his New Year’s speech to the nation, accompanied by a chorus of catcalls from the people in front of the stage. Many shouted “Liar” a situation that would have resulted in the immediate, violent reaction, of Martelly supporters, had the shout been given 12 months ago.

No one would have spoken against Martelly.

No one would have defaced his posters.

Now people were either silent, or applauded the heckler.

People scratch the eyes from Martelly on posters and otherwise mutilate them, while other Haitians watch.

There is a message here, if anyone is listening.

There was no energy in the crowd. They just stood there, in the hot sun, and submitted to Martelly’s lengthy speech in expectation of the free food that the Martelly team had promised. And then, adding insult to injury, the food made them sick as diarrhea swept Robateau.

Lavalas doesn’t miss an opportunity. Lavalas supporters contaminated the free Martelly food with shit to create more problems for the Martelly/Lamothe team.

Queen Sophia compounds the problems, being so unaware of the anti-Martelly sentiment that she paid people at the Gonaives event to shout “Aba Lamothe” in support of her, and Thierry Mayard-Paul’s attempt to kill the Lamothe government. One must assume that King Martelly was – at least – a quiet supporter of this, or has he lost control to the inner circle? The money was personally handed out by Interior Minister Ronsard St. Cyr. Unfortunately, Haiti is not a nation of laws, otherwise this man would be behind bars and his American/Canadian visas forfeit! If he is this unaware of reality, we are in trouble.

If he actually understands Queen Sophia’s/Thierry Mayard-Paul’s desire to destroy the Lamothe government, we are really in trouble

His obvious upset, at a series of criticisms, made by Archbishop Pean, suggests Martelly wants to ignore any reality that does not match his distorted concept. The Archbishops comments obviously upset Martelly, who looked as though he might either jump up and take the microphone… or storm from the gathering.

This indicated his complete and total lack of understanding of where we are, and how we got here. Martelly had the wild support of something like 85% of Haiti’s vast majority. They were exuberant in their support of “Sweet Mickey” their “vagabond” who had taken the National Palace on their behalf. He understood them, and they understood their hero, or so they thought.

Their hero gave them his word…..” pwomis se det…”

“I will revive your army, the Forces Armees d’Haiti.”

“I will give the Nation security…”

“I will give each child an education…”

Like the old Creole proverb…. “These men do not need a Bill of Sale to sell this horse…” Martelly’s promises meant something to them. Preval and Aristide had made promises, but they were not “of the people.” Martelly was one of them and his heart was their heart.

The Martelly team has screwed around on the promise to rehabilitate the FAdH – an action desired by at least 90% of the Haitian people… A lot of smoke-and-mirrors…

Security is a myth and flawed MINUSTAH reports about homicide rates will not cure the situation. Haiti has become a hell hole as Martelly fails completely in his promise of Security.

And then, when ex-Police Chief Andresol is shown for the criminal he is – nothing happens. We see him presenting his new line of clothing at the Karibe when his new wardrobe should be prison stripes with a number on the front.

The promise of education was a well-meaning promise, without consideration of the structural weaknesses present. Haiti simply does not have sufficient teachers to meet the promise.

Come on guys!!!

I believe that Martelly is still the same person.

I believe that Martelly can salvage the situation and go on to make his presidency the best since Duvalier departed in 1986.

There are impediments to this. Unfortunately, his ego seems to have taken control, fanned by an inner circle of greedy incompetents headed by Queen Sophia Martelly – American citizen, Thierry Mayard-Paul, Gregory Mayard-Paul and others who place their pocketbooks before the welfare of our people.

Martelly is a performer and, as such does not like to be up-staged. He must control center stage or else. He must simply switch his concept of “center stage” from the Prime Minister’s office to The Nation.

He must look to a much better formula for success. He should remain “Sweet Mickey” the person Haitians love and leave the governmental functions to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. Martelly should hit one focal point, every month, with one of his performances – politics by music. In the meantime, Lamothe moves forward with a cabinet marching to the Nation’s drumbeat and not to the selfish, discordant wishes of idiots like Thierry and Gregory Mayard Paul.

They forced Sophia Martelly’s friend, the criminal Interior Minister St. Cyr on Lamothe’s cabinet, in the hope that this enemy within would poison Lamothe’s chances to govern positively. Lamothe has been left in a position from which he must try to explain the inner circle’s criminality, when challenged by Parliament.

Interior Minister St. Cyr’s team stole money set aside for Haitian Children’s Christmas – to buy gun for gangs. Now Lamothe will be left to explain how his Interior Minister did this when, in fact, he is Thierry Mayard-Paul/Sophia Martelly’s minister….set in place to poison the game.

The Government of Canada sent a message last November when a visiting minister said that The Haitian Government was accountable to Canada. I was personally insulted by this statement, thinking that Canada had gone too far. What I did not realize was the fact that the visiting minister looked and saw that Canada’s money had not been applied to the projects. Much had been siphoned off. He also noted that millions, set aside for emergencies – had been stolen. His intelligence sources supplied him with details of when the cash was taken, and where it went.

His recent comments were another message to Martelly, a message that will probably be ignored. Canada is an important friend, but Canada will pull back, rather than send money to enrich Queen Sophia and others around her. Check the huge, glitzy house Thierry Mayard- Paul is building across the street from his mother’s place.

And Queen Sophia might make a fatal mistake in her belief that a personal friendship with American Ambassador Pamela White is a bullet-proof armor for the Martelly government. Your see, Sophia Martelly worked with Pamela White when they were both functionaries with the Haitian USAID office in 1987.

We hope that this earlier association does not blind the Americans to what is happening and what must be done to save the Lamothe Government and, by doing so, the Martelly Presidency.

The Lord helps them that help themselves.

It is time for Martelly to decide how history will remember him.

A guy who drops his pants ON A LOCAL STAGE to bare his ass and wave his penis at the local audience, or, as a statesman ON THE WORLD’S STAGE – remembered as an entertainer who changed his costume and saved a nation of 9,000,000 from the disasters created by the presidencies of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Rene Preval.

Martelly is lucky enough to have alternative solutions to his dilemma. He already has a few millions for a luxury retirement.

The 397 poor market ladies, burned out by Lavalas activists, in Tabarre last night, have nothing other than a glimmer of hope in what Sweet Mickey might do for them and their families.

Portland, Oregon
January 1, 2012


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  1. And even now Lavalas peoples are making planning to burn more additional important locations in Haiti. They are desirous of destroying our governement to replace for us with Lavalas crimes and chaos.

  2. Thierry Mayard-Pauls house resembles something an Arab sheik, from the desert camels would construct full of gold things and glittery ceilings. His father was a man of great tastes abilities and absolutely no integrity. Thierry no taste, ability, no integrity.

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