Dear Friend,                                                                        Lynchburg , July 11, 2013

Proverbs 25:25 says “Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

We have received news from Haiti of efforts of faithful workers, ‘our boys’. In 2012, Pastor Lucner paid a young motorcycle taxi man to take him into a backwoods area called Platana.

He won a group of people born in Voodoo, and has 80 children of the community linedup for a school this fall. One promising Platana youth is in Fermathe, in Summer Bible Institute, and a baptism is being organized. 80 young leaders from many places are in Fermathe, studying.

Pastor Jean-Claude won a group in Manso and they have started a school under a shade arbor of foliage. Benches of such school starts are poles across forked-top stakes. A chalk- board, a piece of hardboard hangs from a pole. In Grand Place he won 140 people but they have not yet started a school. As such church schools serve the community, they have great effect. It is amazing to see penniless church people hire a teacher to move into a new area.

At our last visit, in April we left 80 young folks of the Fermathe area seriously studying a Scripture course outlined on a printed page under Pastor Joubert St Juste. His fatherSoimeus’ prayers are recorded by Eleanor in the popular little book ‘God is No Stranger’.

The church of Haiti fortunately has not left the printed page for 7-11’s flashed on screens like the church of the States. To me, pages of hymn books and Bibles rustling as references are given, is Haiti ’s happiest sound. Half of precious books used to be reverently inverted in their chance position. Eleanor had me start the first school before we were even engaged.

The church of Haiti is alive and thriving in spite of thousands of bumbling foreign groups, disasters, and poverty, or perhaps because of all three. At the last count, our one mission alone had 350 churches with 68,000 pupils in their schools, living like a big family. I pray daily that they, Liberty University , and Thomas Road church we attend will be kept from division, Satan’s best tool. I pray too that national leaders will seek God’s guidance !

I am grateful that son Wally, Jr., showed me how to work with this bossy computer.

He says that now ALL computers work this way! Never have I enjoyed such response from friends as from my 88

Granddaughter Elizabeth (Betsy to folks close) and her Cuban stepdaughter Daniela


birthday note. I must have many more birthdays !

Made us happy, driving up from Durham to chat, eat donuts and chocolate, and retire late.

Last week, the Doctors were frantic, said I could have a stroke because I didn’t take my rat poison (Coumadin) (because I have black marks on my arms from working in our flowers). It will be glorious to have that new, eternal young handsome body !

Until then, let’s keep on truckin’, thanking God for all His blessings and good news

Yours, Wallace – and Eleanor Turnbull


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